How To Remove A Skin Tag

I’ve been getting quite a few questions from readers of my blog about how to remove a skin tag. So today I want to offer you a couple of quick suggestions for removing skin tags at home. Now don’t be scared, as skin tags are relatively harmless and painless when you remove them yourself. Skin tags as you probably know, are just outgrowths or benign growths of skin. As such, they don’t have very many blood vessels feeding them and they don’t have many nerves. This is helpful because when removing skin tags or even just removing a skin tag you won’t find it will bleed very much and it will be practically painless.

Now, for the complete home program on removing moles, skin tags and other skin growths I highly recommend this eBook which you see in the header above. Click on the graphic to take a closer look at it. This skin tag removal guide is filled with detailed instructions more so than I can get into here.

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Now the first thing you want to be sure of, is that you are actually dealing with a skin tag. A skin tag looks like just a small extra flapp of skin and usually aren’t much bigger than half an inch long or so. Skin tags are also usually the same color as your skin or jus slightly darker, but they aren’t as dark as moles. And unlike moles, they usually don’t have any hair growing out of them. To the left is a picture of a skin tag, or skin tab or skin barnacle as they are sometimes called.

Okay, the first method on how to remove a skin tag yourself, is to tie of the root of the skin tag with fishing string or dental floss. You want to get it as close to your skin as possible. The next step is taking a pair of nail scissors or nail clippers that you have thoroughly sterilized and sanitized. Then, using a mirror or other aid, snip of the skin tag as close to the skin as possible. It might bleed just a little bit but it shouldn’t bleed too much. This is how a doctor removes a skin tag, except they have scissors or surgical instruments that cost a ton more!

Another way for skin tag removal at home is to use a paste of castor oil and baking soda. You “sand” down the skin tag and put this paste on your skin tag a few times a day for several days up to a couple of weeks. This proces seems to work best with the larger skin tags and moles that you are trying to remove. However, the guide that I spoke about earlier has very detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to safely remove skin tags at home using this method and others. You don’t need to live with skin tags, they are not harmful but can be unsightly, and now you know how to remove a skin tag. So get at them and get back your unblemished skin free of skin tags for good.

How to Breed Earth Worms

Hello again folks, I want to share with you some strategies and tips that I’ve figured out on how to breed earth worms from the 20 years or so that I’ve spent doing just that. Here I’m going to be talking most about breeding red worms or red wigglers. These are the kinds of earthworms that most folks are familiar with and most folks find in their soil.

But first a little background on breeding worms in general. There are a bunch of different varieties of earthworm that you can use to make compost. My favorite are the red wiggler which are a species of eisenia fetida. You can also use European night crawlers which don’t multiply but seem to be more robust from some of the information I’ve read out there. The European or Belgian nightcrawler is also known as the Dendrobaena worm. They grow to be thick and fat, sometimes as thick a man’s thumb.

Anglers like them a lot. But I wouldn’t know about that, not living close to any fishing spots I don’t sell my worms to any anglers that I’m aware of. I do use breed European nightcrawlers but not as much as the red wiggler. But I suggest that if you’re interested in both that you keep them separated. I reckon they serve slightly different purposes.

Okay, to get to the nuts of how to breed earth worms I’m going to take you through building a small worm farm for home or an apartment. This is how I started breeding worms. You’ll need a big rubber container, the kind you’ll see at the big stores that are used as totes and such. These work well because they’re durable and a good size. Some folks will say you’ll get around 1200 worms per pound, but I reckon this is generous, you should only count on about half that for the number of worms in a pound.

If you’re using my measurement you’ll likely want to give these 600 or so red wigglers about a square foot of space. This will get you started nicely in the how of how to breed earth worms because you’ll have a good start to building a worm farm.

I’ve seen folks use a whole number of rubber bins as they start growing their worm farm and you’ll find even if you’re not interested in selling red worms that there’ll be a number of bins you can use to limit the amount of waste that you throw out. when it was just the 2 of us. Me and my late wife Joan living in the apartment, we used 2 bins and we hardly ever tossed out any organic waste.

Both of our bins were about 2 feet long by about 1 foot wide and about 2 feet deep. You don’t want to build your worm composter deeper than 2 feet as not many worms will bury deeper than that. So keep that in mind.

Hope you’ve liked this first installment on how to breed earth worms. I’ll finish it up in the next post and you’ll be very soon on you way to breeding red worms and becoming a successful worm farmer!

House Boat Plans – Finding the Best

House boat plans can be hard to find. Especially if you don’t have an architect of boat builder friend and designer. I didn’t. In fact when Maggie my wife and I decided we want to retire out on a houseboat we didn’t really know anything about boat building or boat plans at all. I’d been on the odd boat, but never had any sailing experience.

And we were a little bit nervous, we were going to spend a bunch of money on a house boat and we didn’t’ really know what to look for. I mean how do you figure out what to look for when buying a house boat? It’s not the same as a car. Looking for boating supplies? Then click here to shop on Amazon.

And once we had figured that part out we wanted to figure out house boat plans so that we could make it into something nicer and more livable for us. We had a great boat, but we wanted to give it our own touch. After a lot of searching I found this great website that has all the boat plans you could ever need for a few lifetimes.

In fact, if I had found it earlier I might even have been inclined to try and build my own house boat! But that would have been quite a big project. But if you’re looking to build your own boat then check out this site. They have catamaran plans, dinghy plans, skiff plans, wooden boat plans and of course houseboat plans. This is certainly a terrific resource if you want to build your own boat.

I shared with you in an earlier post that I have a friend who is building a yacht. I shared this resource with him and he loves their boat building plans. His yacht is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to spending some good times on it.

Wooden boat building is easy with this website. I built my grandson a little plywood boat that is about 2 feet long and looks identical to our house boat. In fact I took the house boat plan and just scaled it down to get it just right. He always brings it along when he comes to visit us and we tow it behind as we sail out of the harbour. He loves it.

I’ve used the house boat plans or actually, the house boat floor plans to renovate the inside of our little house boat. It took me over a year to do it, just tinkering away. We were living in the houseboat after all. But the house boat floor plans were very easy to follow. This is what I love about these house boat plans I’ve found. The fella has written them clearly and concisely so that they are easy to follow. Lots of pictures too. For me that really helps. Click here to have a look at this great resource on boat plans.

So whatever kind of boat plans you’re looking for, from yacht plans to skiff plans and house boat plans. Do you yourself a favor and have a look at this resource. I wish I had it earlier, it would have saved me a ton of time.

Happy sailing,


Meditation for Beginners – Choosing From the Options

Click here to take a look at some exceptional meditation guides.

Namaste friends, welcome again to meditation for beginners. As you know from reading some of the posts that I’ve made on meditation for beginners, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. My best advice for you is to check out this great online store that has all sorts of products for beginners learning to meditate. It will give you a great start. In fact, it is where I have found many of my best CDs on meditation.

So check them out and see what their CDs and other materials can do for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased. But let’s talk a little bit about different modalities of meditation. We’ll start with Buddhist meditation for beginners as this is a system that often requires sitting.

In fact, sitting is one of the most common postures used in meditation. I will often sit in the classic half lotus position if I want a very robust and active meditation where my mind stays engaged with my body. I find this meditation posture to be tremendously beneficial for meditating with awareness.

The half lotus meditation posture position is a meditation position that is also used in chakra meditation for beginners. It is an easy way to focus on the different chakras for exceptional benefits. The chakras are not something that meditation for beginners should worry about. But soon after you’ve studied meditation types for a while, you will find that chakras will become important to you. Chakras are wheel-like vortices or energy centers in your body. They offer great meditation benefits, especially when you spend some time contemplating them and using them as focal points during healing meditations.

Kundalini meditation is part of the chakras and chakra meditation for beginners as well as yoga meditation. Probably the easiest way to describe Kundalini meditation is as a meditation that dwells at the base of the spine as coiled serpent. Because it is part of the chakras and located around the groin, it is often seen as a more physical meditative practice.

Kundalini yoga meditation is also a great meditation for beginners as it is more flexible in the postures or meditation positions that are allowed and even recommended. Oftentimes, spontaneous meditation postures are encouraged in Kundalini meditation.

In Tibetan meditation and other Buddhist meditation for beginners programs, natural hand positions are used where the left hand is laid upon the right hand naturally, with the thumbs touching, giving a somewhat Buddhist begging bowl look to the position.

In yoga meditation it is often believed that actual hand positions or what are called mudras are specifically beneficial to the mindfulness meditation and can actually alter the consciousness when practiced enough.

But as I’ve mentioned before, meditation for beginners is often best helped by lying down relaxed as the body can ache or grumble in other meditation positions if you are not used to them. Many beginners meditating, find that a meditation chair can be extremely beneficial in allowing for the focus of introspection and self reflection required of meditation for beginners.

Beginners Piano Lessons

Hiya, welcome to my blog all about beginners piano lessons. I’ve only been playing the piano for about a year now, but I love it. This is why I wanted to write about learning to play the piano. Because it’s so much fun and you don’t have to feel intimidated by it. Well, I actually started off looking for keyboard piano lessons for beginners because I don’t actually have a piano. I have a keyboard, but it’s full sized and sounds excellent. Plus it doesn’t take up much space.

My grandmother had a piano but when she left us about 2 years ago, it was sold in the estate. That’s why I started learning how to play piano, so that I’d be reminded of her. I used to love seeing her play the church organ and sing at church. So I figured that the best way to remember her was to learn how to play her favorite piano songs. I was intimidated at first, I guess that’s why it took me so long to start. Other than my grandmother, nobody in my family has a musical bone in their body. Though in the last 6 months my dad has started to play too, because he wanted to learn how to play Kenny Rogers’ songs!

Well, I saved up for a keyboard and then when I was 19 I started looking for beginners piano lessons online. YouTube had a bunch, but it was hard to find the right ones I needed and having to search through all the stuff out there was so difficult and took so much time. It was horrible. This was about a year ago and I almost gave up looking for online piano lessons for beginners.

But then I came across this awesome course that makes it so easy to learn how to play piano. The lessons are spaced out over a full year, although you can access any of them at any time. It’s just to handy to have all the piano lessons in one place. And the great thing is that these beginners piano lessons really do take you from the beginning to learning some fun and relevant songs quickly. Within my first month I was playing Pink’s “Dear Diary”. Now I’m playing Alicia Keys and a whole bunch of other great songs.

Now I wouldn’t get to play with the philharmonic orchestra, but that’s not what I want anyway. I just wanted to learn some of my grandmother’s favorite songs. And the great thing is I’ve come so much further than that. And I love playing those old songs that my grandmother used to sing. I played some for my mom’s birthday recently and she burst into tears. Happy tears. My dad was really proud of me and that’s why he wanted to start taking beginners piano lessons.

He’s just finished learning “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. He’s been playing for several months now and he’s always stealing my keyboard to learn the next Kenny Rogers’ song he likes! So don’t be intimidated, if my dad can take piano lessons for beginners and come a long way in such a short time, I figure anyone can.

But it’s important that you choose the right beginners piano lessons for you. I’m partial to the course I found, because it works so well. And it makes it so much fun. And remember, you don’t actually need a piano, you can use a keyboard like I do.

Curious ATM Machines Around The World

At the tender age of fifteen I had the opportunity to be an exchange student in Japan for three weeks.  I attended several classes to learn polite greetings in Japanese, and some important things about the culture.  Nothing prepared me, however, for how different things were over there.  It felt like I was in some kind of biodome, for I don’t think I had ever felt that kind of smothering humidity pressing down on me before.  The family I stayed with was wonderful, and kindly checked on me every few minutes while I was in the bathroom to make sure I understood the system of sitting on a little stool while soaping up and rinsing off with a bucket before climbing into the tub.  Awkward!  One of my more shocking discoveries was the amazing vending machine that dispensed cocktails.  Beer, wine, mixed drinks, they were all available from ATM machines out in public, with no ID required to make a purchase.

Baguette Dispenser In France

What could be better than popping a Euro in the slot and getting a freshly baked baguette?  Well, yeah, I could make a list, but this is still pretty fantastic.  This may be a lifesaver for people who can’t live without their fresh baked bread, especially at times when the bakeries are closed.  Many boulangeries shut down at lunchtime, and close for long summer vacations.  The owner and inventor of these vending machines loads them with partially baked baguettes that finish baking to order when a customer pays.  Many bread snobs are skeptical about the quality of the loaves but those who have tried the bread say it is terrific.

Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills

Cupcakes have become more popular than donuts in recent years, so I guess it stands to reason that people need, or want, 24-hour access.  The Sprinkles cupcake machines hold 600 cupcakes and are priced just slightly higher than those sold in the stores.  Sprinkles plans to install more machines across the country, and include other products like cupcake mixes, Sprinkles apparel, and dog treats.

Let’s Pizza in Italy

In a country where you can literally get fresh pizza on every corner, it seems a little mad to introduce a pizza vending machine.  The Let’s Pizza machines have been launched in malls and at Malpensa airport in Milan.  I don’t know if it can compete with the incredible speck and brie sandwiches available at Malpensa, but I’d be willing to give it a try.  An individual customized pizza pops out in about three minutes.  You can even see the machine kneading the dough.

Gold to Go in Abu Dhabi

A German company developed this ATM that offers 320 items made of gold, even customized coins.  24 carat gold bars in sizes starting at 1 gram are sold in gift boxes complete with a description of its purity and price per gram.  Also available are South African Krugerrands, Canadian maple leaf coins, and Australian kangaroo coins.  The machine checks the current gold market and updates it’s prices every ten minutes.

Live Bait – United States

A machine that dispenses a dozen live nightcrawlers and an icy cold coke at the marina at 4 a.m. sounds like a dream come true for the avid angler.  Because just about everyone shops online these days, small bait and tackle shops are disappearing.  These vending machines are available from a company in Pennsylvania in a variety of configurations to suit the location.

Finally if you are a world traveler don’t forget to try the awesome airport currency exchange ATM machines. These machines update the exchange rates up to the minute and provide you with the freedom to travel with less cash. This my friends is a good judgment call particularly if you have experienced horror stories of pick pockets, armed robbers and less than honest hotel maids.

If you are heading to Dubai to cash in on some ATM gold consider taking Arabic classes online. This will help you better navigate as you discover the wonders and luxuries of the Middle East.