What is Springboarding?

 Springboarding is a term that we can use to describe a particular kind of career change and a particular way to achieve success. The idea behind spring boarding is that even if your current job and experience is not relevant to the position you eventually want, you can still successfully use your current position in order to ‘springboard’ to success in other areas. In other words, once you make it big an once you have a solid foundation to start on, you can then start to really succeed and propel yourself forward in all industries and fields.

So how does this work?

Let’s have a look at the career of one Sylvester Stallone. Not a name that often comes up in career coaching, but one that is highly inspirational nonetheless. Sylvester Stallone badly wanted to be an actor in the late seventies, but unfortunately his appearance and slurred speech stood against him. While he applied for many film roles then and put in as much work as possible to becoming an actor, he unfortunately was not successful. That is until he wrote the screenplay for the film Rocky. The screenplay was so well received by producers and directors that studios were offering him huge amounts to make the film – but he instead held fast with just one request – he play the lead role. And thus through that film he launched his acting career and he is today a household name. In this case then Sylvester Stallone used his writing skills in order to springboard his acting career. By being successful in one field he gave himself a stepping stone to use in a career change.

There are many other examples of this too. For instance many successful businessmen and women will eventually become investors in other businesses and ideas. Their financial backing along with their general business nous means that fledgling and upcoming businesses are all happy to take them on board at the highest level and this then means that you can end up doing almost any kind of job they want as a result.

You can also use springboarding in another sense and that’s springboarding a product or service. For instance if you run a website and you are getting thousands of hits per day, then that means you have a captive audience you conceivably could become future clients or customers. If you have a new business you want to launch then, you can use your current position online in order to promote that new idea. This way you are ‘springboarding’ your way into your career change again and using success in one area in order to launch your new concept.

In other words then the take home moral is that you really can be anything you want to be – once you’ve conquered one field you’ll have the money, the experience and the reputation you need to do well in any other career you want and to make any kind of career change. So when you are plotting your future career don’t just think of it as a linear path, but look at other ways that you can sidestep and springboard your way into various industries.

This guestpost is by Nik Lemmens. Nik is passionate writer who likes to share advice and tips on career change via his blog. In his professional life he heads career coaching at careerjourney.co.uk which has helped many individuals settle in their career.