New Mac Makeup Ideas

Thinking of new things to do with your Mac makeup can be at times challenging. There are so many Mac makeup ideas that they can be overwhelming and it puts a person in a state of non-action a sort of coma. I just don’t know where to start. Well, here are some ideas for you, just take one a go with it. For great prices on makeup products you can take a look on Amazon.

Ideas in nature

I live in rural part of the United States and here there are plenty of colorful combination by just looking outside. I happen to be writing this in the fall and there is no shortage of fall colors to inspire a new look or just a new color combination. Go outside and look around.

Ideas in advertising

Here is one I bet you had never thought of. Open up a magazine and flip through it and don’t focus on any page or any article or picture just in a fuzzy sort of way look at the color combination on each page as you flip one after another. This can be really enlightening as advertising people are very bright bunch and they definitely know which colors look good together so use this skill to your advantage and copy some combo on your face.

Copy celebrities

This is an old standard but it still works. Celebrates stay in the cutting edge of fashion in many cases and just by watching them on TV or in the latest fashion mag you can learn new stuff on how to put your mac make up together.

YouTube of course

This can be somewhat of a secret to those that may have computers but don’t really surf around all that much. YouTube is filled with women both professionals and amateurs telling others on video their mac makeup techniques and how it should be put on. Check it out, go to YouTube and just type in Mac makeup and you will see.

Local Mac store

Finally, the most obvious of all is to visit your local Mac store and see what their designers have to offer now. Hopefully you got some real ideas that are new to you and you can finally get out of that rut and find some new mac makeup ideas.