Using Floating Wall Shelves in your Bedroom

Floating wall shelves are becoming more and more famous nowadays among home-makers and famous interior designers as well. This is because aside from giving an air of stylishness to any room it is in, it is also an efficient way to add space into any area of your home. Not only that, these floating wall shelves come in a wide variety of designs – from elegant wood wall shelves to sturdy looking shelves that are made of metal or plastic.

These shelves can be placed in any of the rooms in your home to accentuate it. For bedrooms, wood wall shelves are the most appropriate. They can be used as an alternative for tables that you use to place your personal, wellness and beauty products. Also, it can be placed in your walls to act as a decoration. By placing a vase, a picture frame or a book in it, its looks can be emphasized all the more. In addition, the bedside table can be also replaced with these. Just look for a wood wall shelf that you think is perfect for this and see the difference.

For a kids’ room, these floating shelving will be perfect as a design on the wall as well. But instead of placing a vase or a picture frame, you can put toys or stuffed animals in there to highlight the fact that it is a kids’ room. The fact that it is a fixed item in your wall makes it safe from bumps and accidental collisions from your energetic child.

There are a lot more ideas when it comes to the usage of floating wall shelves in the other rooms of your home. You can base your plan on the hundreds of suggestions online. Most of the time though, your creativity will be enough. Think of your own very good design and don’t be surprised that it will be a lot better compared to the suggestions of others.