Good Commercial Citrus Juicers for a Healthy OJ Business

Today, majority of people love to pair their meal or snacks with a glass of orange juice. Fine dining establishments and top cafes are aware of this and they have envisioned it as a good opportunity of a healthy profit margin. But to realize this, you need a reliable commercial juicing machine.

Commercial citrus juicers are designed to produce juice on a large scale basis. These have distinctive qualities to extract huge amount of juice from oranges. These machines are not only used in cafes and restaurants but are commonly seen in other public places like bars, juice shops, health clubs and even in large homes.

When planning to start with the juicing business, there are certain things that you have to bear in mind. To accommodate big orange juicing machines, you need a big space as well. Commercial juicers would need big space, so you might as well think of spot on your counter top or somewhere else where it will be visible for your customers to see. If you can’t find one, then you may settle for small industrial juicers robustly made to do tough orange juicing.

You might consider buying MJ6000. This is made of a stainless material that makes 6 to 7 glasses of fresh orange juice in one minute. Since the process does not allow the juice to go through certain degree of heat, it preserves the juice nutritional value. With its steel feeder arm, you can insert up to 21 oranges in a minute following a pace of 3 oranges as a time. It is also useful for lemons and grapefruits.

Cleaning MJ6000 is hassle free. It does its helpful and convenient self-cleaning process using its five powerful jets .You might underestimate this machine in line with other commercial juicers because of its size but it does pack a strong punch.

The Waring Juice Extractor JC3000 is a second alternative. Made with a stainless steel collector, this can hold huge amount of pulp free juice. This machine is just right to start with an OJ business due to its durability to withstand frequent use, energy efficient, stable base and quiet operation. Having dishwasher safe parts makes this tool very easy to clean as well

It has always been said, trying a new business gets you into so much risks. But having a perfect commercial Electric Citrus Juicer gives you a better edge to succeed in the field of OJ business.