60 inch Sharp or Samsung?

If you’re like me, then you’re used to making sharp decisions. Not only that, but but choosing between a Sharp and Samsung is pretty complicated. Buying a new 60 inch led is a sharp decision!

You have to know these hdtv’s are the future in television. Not only their image is astonishing, but they change the way you watch tv/blueray or play PlayStation3. It’s extraordinary!

One of the best features of these is that they don’t keep your room warm. It doesn’t matter if you choose a 60 inch led tv Sharp or a Samsung, none of them will keep warm because of their led tech.  I don’t want my room warm in the summer, so be better buying a led tv instead of plasma. Remember that!

Let’s talk about disadvantages now. You have to know these 60 inch led’s are pretty thin that you’re going to be afraid to move them. Don’t be fooled by this, they’re very well built and going to last for years or even more. Sound is not so great! You need some good decent speakers or anything like this, because you can’t get good speakers in such a fragile and thin tv.

Let’s talk about advantages now. The best and the only advantage is having internet connected to your TV (I almost wrote computer). In 2011 each and every tv is going to have internet connected to it. Contrast and motionflow are pretty excellent! Not to mention the there is no blurring whatsoever in this new hdtv led’s, which is extra cool.

In conclusion, not only your TV is smart now (internet, good quality, it “feels your presence” and doesn’t make your room warm, but it’s an excellent step in 2011 year. If you’re anything like me, then buy this as a present to your husband. He’ll love you even more!