Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

Personal injuries occur at any time or place. The injury does not have to be life threatening or require hospitalization. However, it can cause extreme pain and discomfort, and keep you from performing your usual daily functions.

It is possible that you can act as your own attorney, resolve the issue and get a personal injury lawsuit settlement. Be smart and wise and take photographs of the incident with your cell phone or i-Pad. Immediately contact the store attorney and tell them about the accident and the specific area that caused you the injury.

If the accident occurred inside or in the exterior of a store, always report the injury to the Store Manager. If you are in no pain at the moment, keep in mind that the injured area might swell and require medical treatment or hospitalization in a day or two.

File a personal injury claim regardless of where or how the accident occurred inside the building or store. This is the rule to follow even if the area is in an enclosed space like a Mall. All business owners carry Accident Insurance coverage for the possibility of having to payout a personal injury lawsuit settlement.

Many insurance companies sell structured insurance settlement policies. This keeps the owners of the store or building from having to pay, out of their own pocket, personal injury claims.

When you arrive home, contact your own physician, if the pain continues or gets worse. A visit to the Emergency Room at a hospital might be required. Do not ignore or minimize the pain if it spreads to another part of the body. Seek help immediately. You might require hospitalization.

If the accident takes a turn for the worse and appears to be more serious, it might be best to contact your own Personal Accident Attorney to handle the settlement, instead of doing it yourself.