Finding More Storage In The Bed Room

The bedroom is the first place to load up on extra clothes, shoes, blankets and other related items that quickly eat up the available storage that is already there. This means that the closets are stuffed full and there is already a shoe hanger hanging off of the back of the door and there isn’t much room left. Using the space under the bed would be great but your bed frame hangs the lower mattress less than 6 inches off of the floor and there just isn’t much room left for anything else besides some old slippers and a herd of dust bunnies. But there is a way to get more under bed storage and that is to simply raise it up higher in the air through using a set of bed lifters.

Bed lifters are like jack stands for your car. They come in different colors so you can get a set of them to match the décor of your room. Bed lifters also some in different heights so you can decide how much you want to raise your bed up. The final height that you end up raising your bed depends on how high you are willing to climb into a bed and what kind of storage you are planning on using under it.

If you are going to use a set of drawers or a sliding rack, you may want it a little higher than if you are just planning on sliding some plastic containers under there or similar. If you do want to go pretty high, then maybe a low bench or a stepping stool next to the bed can make it easier to get in and out of.

So, if you’ve run out of room and need some more but your bed just sits too low, consider getting a set of bed lifters to open up some fresh storage room.