Syma Indoor Chopper – Quality TIme Killing Toy

When it comes to cheap indoor toy helicopters there are a few that you can choose from, but none of them match up to the quality of durability of this Syma S107 RC helicopter. The biggest reason that I have for liking this chopper over the others available is the fact that it has 3 different channels for direction, unlike most of the other cheap choppers which only have 2. This tiny little indoor chopper flies just like a much bigger and much more expensive outdoor helicopter.

There is a 14 years+ age recommendation on the box, but I think that with adult supervision children as young as 10 can play with this toy no problem at all. My youngest son can play with this toy (more or less) and he is still only 9. I had to spend a hour or two with him teaching him the controls, and of course I wouldn’t ever let him use it in the lounge, but it is a great way to time kill for an hour or two.

It is supposed to be used indoors only, and while this probably wouldn’t be able to fight any kind of gusty wind, if you take it out on a gusty day you will be able to use it. The range of the chopper is supposed to be 30’ but I think it’s more like 20’ or something before the signal starts to fade and the chopper stops responding. Still plenty of dstance for indoors though.

I totally expected there to be a high pitched whizzing noise as I used the toy, but this chopper doesn’t make too bad of a noise at all.

My conclusion on this toy is that it is ideal for teenage kids, and kids even as young as 9 or 10. It is also a great time killer for bored parents.

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