Understanding the Fiberglass Pool Shell

Fiberglass pools bring with them so many positives that before getting one, a person could only dream about. A household having a personal pool be part of it is a tradition that dates back to biblical times. In fact, many of the great archeological searches have uncovered bathing areas buries under the sand and rock. And the good news in today’s world is that what was once reserved only for the very wealthiest of people is now through the miracle of modern technology, available to the masses as well (even if they have to settle for a big inflatable pool).

The pool industry began the marked changes that have brought it to where it is today back in the years following the end of World War II. The materials that started to be introduced at that time and which have continued to be constantly improved upon leave no question that the fiberglass pool will certainly last a lifetime. In the very early days the pools would need to occasionally require that they be resurfaced from time to time, but today’s advances have totally removed that as an issue to be dealt with. The industry has been so well advanced by the materials available that literally guarantee a trouble free existence for the fiberglass pool and it’s owner. The joining of composite material and resin have truly revolutionized their field as never before.

The next area of great improvements is in the design that has made a non-issue of what happens when a pool is subject to constant freezing over and thawing out. As opposed to the concrete type pools which typically come with a warranty that only covers perhaps up to five years, most fiberglass pools will have a warranty for the surface of at least 15 years, and a structural one perhaps stretching out to 75 years or so.

There is no doubt that the person investing in a fiberglass pool shell is assuring themselves and their family many, many years of happy times to look forward to enjoying.