The Double Futon Also Serves As a Sofa Bed

There is a misconception that double futons are intended only for dormitory rooms. Whatever the opinion on them is, a double futon sofa bed enhances the appearance of a den, extra room, child’s or teenager’s room and of course the living room. Just like your usual conventional furniture, it can look as elegant but you need to make an intelligent choice.

The Double Futon Mattress

Futons serve as a sleeping bed or additional seating for guests. Thus, it is very crucial to pick the right mattress. If the mattress is not comfortable to sleep on or sit on, I do not think it will serve its purpose. Do you really think someone would want to sleep or sit on that, maybe not. A double futon is also popularly known as a full-size futon, which can accommodate two people. If you buy a standard double mattress which is specifically created for this sort of furniture, then you can choose whatever design that you want.

If you want something that is very comfortable and soft, wool and cotton blends are perfect. If on the other hand, you want something that is more rigid and firm, foam would be the best for you. Nowadays, pillow-topped mattresses are available which will offer additional comfort. If you want it to be more comfortable, then you will need your mattress to be thicker as well.

Double Futon Bed Frames

The most in demand futon frames are made of wood and metal. You might want a wood frame that is bi-fold to add a more chic look to your room. Tri-fold frames are not so bad but bi-fold frames are more comfortable to sit on and are made with glider and roller system which facilitates easier folding especially when you want to use it as a bed.

Some people, however, prefer metal framed futon beds maybe because it is a lot cheaper compared to wood but can still accentuate your room. If you have an existing modern theme in one of your rooms with a coffee table or black metal tables, a double futon bed with black, piped frame and arm rest would blend in seamlessly. Your futon does not have to be a misfit in your room. Therefore, you will need to choose carefully for the appropriate style. Sometimes, you feel the need to change your current theme. This will not be problem. All you have to do is change the futon mattress cover or may be the futon slip

Size Makes Double Futons the Most Popular

The prevailing choice for futon size is the double futon. On this kind of furniture, the full-size mattress which measures 54″ x 75″ will be just right. This can accommodate three people when sit on and comfortable sleeping for two. The queen size futon, which measures 60″ x 80″, will not necessarily make a significant impact in terms of seating or sleeping capacity. Instead, it will render the futon more cumbersome and awkward. Perhaps it is better if you make your mattress longer, 54″ x 80″ this way you convert the length to queen size without increasing the width.