Telecommunications Audit by Source One

Managing the telecommunications’ operations in the company is one of the most difficult things to do in a company. Companies may never know that they are losing as much as 12% of their profits to billing errors and wasted telecom resources. Telecom auditing services can help companies deal with this problem. One of the companies that deliver this type of service is Source One.

Source One is a leading service provider when it comes to telecom management that offers cost reduction services for telecommunication networks and offers management solutions for their clients. They offer three solutions for any size of the business, but their core services are strategic sourcing and management consulting solutions. Their website at is for small companies. They offer small companies information regarding telecom strategy (including ways to deal with telecom providers). Their website at offers electronic tools for free.

Their core solution which is their strategic sourcing services helps reduce the companies’ telecom expenses. Source One claims to be able to reduce expenses while still ensuring that your company has the necessary telecom tools that it needs.

The core solution includes a comprehensive auditing of the company’s telecom purchases. They will identify any extravagant expenses, any non-compliance activity from employees, any terms in the contract that have been violated, and any duplication of charges when it comes to billing statements. Their audit findings can establish an accurate billing process, identify over charges, implement new strategy in using telecom technologies, optimize inventory processing, and reduce the telecommunications expenses.

Source One services help the company to identify the critical communication areas that need to be changed. The provide monitoring of purchases of telecom equipment. Their services don’t end when they deliver their audit report but continues by constantly monitoring the purchasing and billing of a company.

Source One’s overall objective is to help their clients by providing a quality telecommunications audit. They do this by providing core services including a comprehensive audit of the company’s telecom services, invoice accounts, billing statements, and usage of telecom products. These services will help the company to realize an increase in their overall profitability by eliminating unnecessary telecom costs, maximizing usage of the communications equipment, and increasing productivity of the employees by providing them with the necessary communication devices. A telecom audit is one type of audit that will save a company money in the long run. Think of it as an investment that will provide a large ROI.