Never Fall In Love With Your Own Website

This might sound like a funny title as how can anyone actually fall in love with a website? Well it can happen more often and easier then you think. There are some people that fall in love with their websites, the look, the idea and the potential can cause them to get really excited about it which can make it much harder to accept when it is a flop or in decline.

A good example was a nice website my friend made selling an exclusive new type of house music. He was selling exclusive downloads made by producers and DJs and a few years ago this type of house music was the in-thing and we all expected it to be the next big thing.

My friend received a lot of adulation and was even recognised as one of the pioneers of this new scene and it wasn’t long before he even got local press interest and some TV interviews. He had a great couple of year living the high life and making money at the same time till eventually the popularity of the music died down.

That happens a lot in music, one year something is popular, the next year it is dead! A good entrepreneur will simply be ready to move on to the next big thing and my friend was in a position to do that as he was now quite well respected.

However, he became emotionally involved in his website. He refused to expand as he decided he wanted to stay loyal to that particular scene. You have to admire his principles but everyone could see it was a bad business move.

Even I could see that less and less producers were even making this type of music and I never even heard it around anymore. However, every time I spoke to my friend he would tell me that there was a resurge happening very soon and eventually it will be like the old days again.

It was actually quite sad as you could see that he had become so emotionally involved in that website and what it did for his life that he didn’t know when it was time to let go. Thankfully, this was all over five years ago and he has now eventually moved on but it took him about two years of maintaining the site till it completely made no sales at all to make him realise!

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