Enterprise Market Management

Enterprise Market Management is a special kind of category for marketing software programs that are utilized in businesses in order to help in the management of their (end to end) internal marketing processes. This kind of market management is considered a subcategory of Marketing Technologies. Marketing Technologies are comprised of three key elements that enable customers and corporations to be involved in a real-time and holistic campaign for marketing.

Enterprise Market Management consists of a host of other categories of software for advertising and marketing. These include predictive modeling, event-driven marketing, lead management, and marketing dashboard, marketing resource management, web content
management, digital asset management, campaign management, and web analytics. The objective of using this kind of market management is to see an improvement in the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

This is done by standardizing the process for marketing in such a fashion as to experience a much more predictable and accurate time period to market the services or products. It is also done by decreasing the waste and cost associated with that, as well as making efforts to increase the overall efficiency of operations.

The benefits of using Enterprise Market Management software programs instead of a host of point solutions, is that there is a marked improvement in the visibility, efficiency and in the overall collaboration of the marketing funnel. There is also a reduction of the overall cost of ownership.

Enterprise Marketing Management – Different Meanings To Different Brands & Industries

The kinds of combinations of solutions determine what exactly Market Management will mean. It allows for companies to set up a baseline of operations, which enables them to start evolving to a completely holistic solution method. Holistic solutions will include brand value, expectations, projections, and of course the customer experience.

A very excellent resource in the form of a book by the title “Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science Of Marketing” (Author Tom Klein and Dave Sutton) is available at all major book outlets. This book is excellent for consultants, marketing managers of any organization, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is interested in learning more about the growing evolution of our modern marketing industry.

The book is virtually a blueprint for a clear-cut, and proven path for:

• Crafting a data information-driven and compelling brand positioning system. This system is essentially guaranteed to drive the sales up.
• Helping you to translate your positioning of the brand into an experience that will make sure that your organization’s assets are selling all the time.
• Placing Return-On-Investment at the mid center of everything that marketing stands for and does.

Marketing is heading more and more into a scientific discipline in many ways. It takes advantage of the many millions of dollars that have been invested by corporations in regards to gathering information and data about the marketing funnel. This includes just about everything from the upsell, backend sales, customer behavior, prospect behavior, inquiries, and inventory turnover. These three points reflect what Enterprise Marketing Management is in a nutshell.

John is a small business owner, and contributing writer for Aprimo Lead Management.