Wisconsin Snowboarding With Discount Snowboards

Snowboarding in the Midwest of the United States may seem like a very bad idea considering the weather and relatively flat terrain.  However, you would be dead wrong.  There are many places in this area that are conducive to snowboarding.  You would be right on the other hand about skiing.  The hills are so small that most skiers, unless they are trick skiers, will not really enjoy their time. 

Depending on where you live and how much time you have to spare for the weekend will really be the deciding factor on which mountain/hill you should go.  If you are coming from Chicago and just have a day to kill, then Cascade Mountain is your best bet, but for a half day you can’t beat the price of Alpine Valley especially if you are a student.  Many Midwestern kids pick up discount snowboards at these local mountains near the end of season instead of trying to buy brand new ones downtown.

These kids who hit the terrain park regularly are sure to buy some snowboard helmets in order to save their delicate noggins.  If you have an entire weekend to spare then Granite Peak is an excellent ski resort almost five hours away from Chicago.  This friendly little village doesn’t really have a night scene, but it does have the largest mountain you can get to without taking an entire Friday off of work. 

If you are looking for a night scene, as well as, snowboarding then Cascade Mountain from earlier is your best bet because of its close proximity to a nearby city.  The nearby city is home to the largest indoor water park and because of this has become quite popular drawing many crowds that like to hit up the bars after hours.  Needless to say there are ample opportunities to ski in Wisconsin.