Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Shoe Review

With so many cross country running shoes on the market today, it can be very difficult to find good racing flats with a neutral fit that still feels natural. When it comes to fit, I love the Inov-8 F-Lite 195. At first, I was concerned about the width of this shoe because people sometimes complain about the narrow width of the toe box.  But it turns out that this shoe fits really well throughout the entire ball of my foot, so my concerns were not really justified. The shoe fits snugly but not too tight.

It might be the case that some people size the shoe improperly in the length, which would then create a width issue. At first, I thought the shoe might be too long, because there was the classic one-thumb-width of space from the end of the toe to the end of the shoe box. Like a lot of people, I prefer shoes that fit the length of my foot snugly, so I thought that these might be too long. It turned out to be the opposite, because the extra space is the main reason the shoe is wide enough for my foot.  If you have a wide foot like me, you can hardly squeeze into most shoes. So it makes me very happy these shoes fit my foot so well.

I bought my shoes with the necessary toe space at the end, which put my foot in the proper position to take full advantage of the meta-flex groove on the shoe, as well as its unique shape. But because my feet are so wide, my little toe on each foot does touch the end of each shoe, which creates a little irritation at the tips. Yet it surprises me that on these shoes, the irritation is not too bad. Even after taking a long run, there are no bloody toes or blisters or black toes to speak of. I also found no need to steam the cup of the heel of the shoe, because it seems to fit me correctly right out of the box. The heel is supportive but not too supportive because it still flexes as much as you need it to. Overall, the F-Lite 195 has a great balance of fit, support and comfort.