Longboarding 101


Longboarding is one of the hottest extreme sports. The sport dates from the sixties of the previous century, but is now more popular than ever. Furthermore it is also a very practical method of transportation. It helps if you already have some skateboard experience. However this is not necessary. Althought most people find longboarding harder than skateboarding, the sport can easily be learned within a few weeks.


  1. What discipline do you want to do? Do you want to just cruise and relax? Show off at the skatepark? Or be a speedmonster at the downhill contests? Each discipline has its own board and you really have to choose the right one.
  2. Stance is crucial. So check if you are Goofy or Regular. Respectively right foot in front and left foot in front. You can do this on intuition, just check what feels bestfor you.
  3. Always begin with flat surface. As beginner you must get a feel of the board and this will not be gained if you immediately hit the hardest slopes.
  4. If you have more control over the board, it is time to try some slight slopes.
  5. If you lose control, always focus far in front of you with your sight. This will make you able to regain balance and ride smooth again.
  6. If you ride harder than normal, never just jump off the board to stop. Learn to slide prior going at too high speeds.
  7. Each longboarding session try out more difficult slopes. This is necessary to develop yourself as longboarder and gain momentum.

Your first board

Where can you find the ideal longboards for sale? I always recommend the longboardstore.com to newbees, but you could also check out a second hand board if your not quite sure yet if this sport is something for you. Useful resources for this are Ebay and Extremesportstrader.com. If you become more advanced you might check out professional longboard stores like daddiesboardshop.