The Timex Military Watch: Displaying Timex’s Sound Watch Engineering

Not too long ago, Timex released the Timex Military watch models to a resounding reception by a very discriminating audience. Short of having a GPS for runners, Timex was able to market both watches as durable pieces of timekeeping equipment enough to keep many in believing that Timex only has its customers’ interest at heart – and indeed it does. Timex continues to demonstrate that it is a great brand with an eye for what its loyal customers want.

The Timex military watch comes in two versions, the Timex military chronograph and the vintage Timex military watch. The Timex military chronograph is more in the mold of a classic, elegant and functional sports watch that works well whether used in the outdoors or as a fashion statement on a casual office day. It drew inspiration from World War II aviator watches and comes up with a sleek, cool look. Its color options – black, white, or black and white – certainly doesn’t hurt as it exudes the masculine and streamlined look that customers want in their men’s sports watches.

The second variety, the vintage Timex military watch on the other hand, sacrifices looks for function. It’s not much of a looker and certainly won’t get style points from anyone but it is most certainly a must have in the department of function and endurance. It got inspiration from military watches in the same era as the Timex military chronograph and versions of this watch has been around since the 1960s. Today, it continues to be a favorite among professionals who wouldn’t want their watches to get in the way of work – in short, “scratch me and I’ll just shrug” is the name of the game. The construction of the vintage Timex military watch affords it with enough to withstand the toughest demands in work without so much as batting an eyelash.

Both watches retail for a low price of $150 and have earned the distinction as the poor man’s sport watch. It can hold its own against the big guns in the industry and will more than be sufficient regardless of the occasion. Get the Timex military watch today for fully functional watches you will come to love and cherish for as long as you live.