The GPS Wrist Watch Advantage

Don’t get left behind in the function trend especially when it comes to the GPS wrist watch. We know you’re stuck for life with your pedometer watch but sometimes you need to understand that time and technology moves on without regard for you or your preferences. Simply put, it’s better to just give in and benefit from the most recent trends rather than dearly clinging on for life until your pedometer watch sputters to its death.

The truth is that the GPS wrist watch blows the pedometer watch out of the water by a significant mile. From the standpoint of accuracy, a GPS wrist watch can deliver up to less than 1 percent in error rate; that means it can easily give data accurate to within 20 meters for a 10 kilometer run. Do the math; that’s a 99.8 percent accuracy rate for your watch. Compare it to the traditional pedometer watch which typically shows error readings anywhere from 15 to 20 percent and there is even no debate. Admit it, you’re nodding but just can seem to commit.

Another innovation of the GPS wrist watch is pace tracking. The old pedometer watch barely even has anything to compare to this feature. At best, the watch divides the “erroneous” distance covered versus the time it took you to cover that distance and voila – pace! Unfortunately for you, this is neither an accurate nor a real time reading. You will never know your current speed and whether you’re still on pace to meet your target personal record or would just rather give up to fight for another day.

The GPS wrist watch, on the other hand, spares no details in this department. You get continuous real time data, slowing down and speeding up as you slow down or speed up. You can actually see how fast you are going at any given time, you can easily calculate what it would take to beat a record or surpass a previous best.

The GPS wrist watch is a true engineering marvel that now makes possible what we runners could only dream before. Switch to a GPS wrist watch and enjoy accurate data at the touch of a button. That’s the promise of a GPS wrist watch.