Things to Know About the Vibram Five Fingers Treksport

Vibram Five Fingers Treksport uses a revolutionary design in footwear that takes things down to their essentials. Its like everything that has been achieved when it comes to shoe design was thrown out of the window and the designers started out with a blank slate. The design of this footwear goes against all shoe concept in the past. Shoes covered the whole feet and the toes were all kept together. The Vibram Five Fingers Treksport is different however. It keeps all the toes separate from each other and retains the form and look of the foot.

Is this just a fad? Just another crazy way to come up with a new form of shoe. The idea behind the Five Finger footwear is quite simple, the human feet is the product of countless years of evolution. Its form and appearance was the result of nature developing the body. When you take that body part, encase it, and start walking around with it, there will soon be some bad effects. No matter how comfortable a shoe is, it is still a hindrance to the natural form and function of the feet. The problem is that we can not walk around on our bare feet today. So the next best thing is to use a foot wear that has the natural form of the feet and use it on all the intense activities that you would have to go through.

Vibram started out as the first manufacturer in the world to make and sell rubber soles for shoes. The have continued with their innovative tradition with the invention of the Five Fingers footwear. These shoes, if they can be called that, have very thin soles that allows the feet’s natural mechanism to function. There has been a recent research that shows that there is a significant difference between the way that barefoot and “protected” runners run.Barefoot runners generate less impact than those who wear shoes.

The Vibram Five Fingers Treksport has an upper made from coconut active fiber carbon which can be very flexible and even soft around the foot. Its metatarsal area is covered with a mesh like material that can stretched and would allow air to pass through. It comes in a combination of grey and black which looks real sleek and tough. It has an adjustment that uses a strap to put it in place. Now the sole of the Vibram Five Fingers Treksport is very rigid and can give a real good grip when running even on a rough terrain.

Compared with other Five Finger footwear the soles of the Treksport is a little thicker which means that it losses some of that barefoot sensation that makes them so novel. With that loss it gains something in toughness and rigidity and makes it even more durable. It offers more protection over rocks, roots, and other forms of terrain that might just cut up a thinner sole. At one hundred dollars this is really worth the price. This is the best five finger shoe as of this date.