The Advantage of the Bikila Vibram

When the Bikila Vibram came out it made quite a stir. It revolutionized the way that footwear is seen. Because of it, running shoes will never be the same again. The unique back to the drawing board approach in designing the Bikila has produced a running shoe unlike any other that people are wondering if it ought to be designated as running shoes in the first place or a new category has to be created especially for it.

The idea behind the Bikila and other barefoot shoes is the fact that running barefoot provides benefits to the feet and the rest of the body. Studies have been conducted between the difference of running barefoot to that of running while using some form of footwear. It was discovered that runners who had bare feet has a better balance on their body, they have better posture and the feet lands in a more natural way. When you think about it the results of that study should have been obvious. It took millions of years to develop the form and the shape of the feet. That means that it looks that way for a reason and that reason is that it is the most efficient and effective form for running and walking. Wearing shoes and other footwear only causes our feet to lose the natural form that it has been adapted to. Since going barefoot is no longer an option today alternatives have been created. One such alternative are barefoot running shoes and the best example of it is the Bikila Vibram.

The Bikila is a whole new concept not just in running shoes but to footwear in general. It uses a polyurethane insole that is covered with Dri- Lex. Its outsole is an anatomically designed that is 4mm thick and can provide a lot of protection even on the roughest of terrain. The design of the Bikila ensures that the impact when you hit the ground is evenly distributed reducing the stress on the foot. With adequate toe protect you can tackle any kind of terrain with the Bikila.

The other great advantage of using the Bikila is that it can be washed using a washing machine and you could just hang it to dry afterwards. There are few running shoes that would allow you do that. It is a measure of how durable this shoe from Vibram is. You can treat it in the harshest way possible, you could use it in the most rugged terrain imaginable and it would still be ready to provide comfort and protection to your feet.

If you are worried that you might not get the right size for a shoe of this type then do not worry. You only have to measure the length of your feet, from the longest toe to your heel and match that with Vibram’s sizing chart. When you wear the Bikila for the first time you might find it a little strange so give our feet some time to get used to it.