The Benefits of Patagonia Trail Running Shoes

Patagonia is clothing company based in California that manufactures and focuses mainly on clothing for outdoor sports. Its products are focused towards campers, surfers, skiers, climbers, hikers, and towards runners. They have a great line of equipment for running. Patagonia Trail Running Shoes are especially well known for being versatile and durable pieces of equipment that is known to enhance the performance and the experience of running.

Here are some of the trail running shoes that are made by Patagonia:

1. Specter- This is a trail running shoe that has the bulk and the toughness to handle even the rougher mountain trails. It has a gender specific and anatomically fitted last that will ensure you will have a comfortable time handling even the roughest of trails. It has a breathable mesh that allows your feet to feel, its synthetic leather will surely provide you with enough protection even in the most toughest of spots. This shoe uses a unique fitting system that ensures the shoe will be a great fit, it uses the Patagonia Dynamic Fit lacing System that combines loops of webbing which goes al the way down the insole for a secure wraparound the foot. It has a shock absorption pad that takes on most of the impact.

2. Arrant- If you need a shoe to do some real trailblazing then the Arrant is what you need to wear. It is made for all weather running so it can handle tough trails even when it is raining. It has an air mesh upper that is combined with with a special lining that can provide a really water proof journey. The toes and the heels are protected by wires that keeps it from being hurt against the ground. It has a very light foot frame made from foam.

3. Release- This shoe is made for handling hard trails without going to pieces. It is a multipurpose shoe that can give you a comfortable time when running. The upper is made from air mesh that keeps it water resistant, which means that you can handle creek crossing without any difficulty. Its Dynamic Fit Lacing System ensures that the shoe will be a great fit no matter what. Its foot frame is made from a thick foam that makes it very strong and stable. The running sole ensures that it can handle even the trickiest of trails.

4. Tsali- When you look at the trail running shoes from Patagonia they all look so different from trail running shoes from other brands. This is especial true with the Tsali. It breaks the convention when it comes to how a trail running shoe ought to look like. When it comes to performance it surely hits the spot. It meets all the expectations for a trail running shoe. It is very light and its special construction ensures that you will still have a very secure fit even in the most treacherous of trails. With its innovative sticky outsole the grip of the Tsali will never hang whether you are traveling on wet or dry trails.