The Best Running Shoes for Triathletes

Running very hot long races like the Kona IM World Championship or the Buffalo Springs 70.3 in extreme heat not only demands top fitness from the athletes, it also demands them wearing shoes designed to provide comfort, stability, ample air flow and the ability to cope with the gallons of water they pour over themselves.

Apart from the fact that waterlogged shoes are heavier, running in them increases the required effort and ultimately slows the racer’s pace it also adds discomfort to the athlete’s feet, resulting in unnecessary injury like toe nail loss or problems with their calves.

K-Swiss offers runners an ultra-light running shoe, the Blade Light Run, which drains all liquid from the bottom of the shoe, has ample venting and airflow to prevent their feet from overheating and is smooth enough to race without socks which will keep their feet cooler without the forming of any blisters.

Running shoes like the Blade Light Run, that correct the athlete’s gait through enough stability to prevent over pronation, excellent shock absorption, and proper cushioning for extra comfort to race-weary legs are the best running shoes to aid the runner in bettering his or her performance and prevent any additional injury.

Athletes who are recovering from Achilles surgery will find their legs do not tire as quickly, they will also recover faster after a hard race when wearing these K-Swiss sneakers as the shoe is well cushioned without sacrifice to its light weight, allowing runners to run farther and faster than previously.

Many pro triathletes have reported improved performance some obtained as much as 15 seconds per mile faster using the Blade Light Run athletic shoes. They also found them to be equally suitable as track shoes, cross training shoes and long distance marathon running shoes, with excellent connection to the ground be it dirt, ice or snow even though the shoes weigh only 9.3oz.

If you experience difficulty obtaining a pair from your local shoe shop, please feel at ease buying your sneakers online as the Blade Light Run has a good width and ran true to size.

Athletes found them to be out the box race-ready, without the need to be broken in. Like one runner reported: “It is not often that you can take a pair of shoes out of the box and they feel like an old friend”.