The Best Chi Running Shoes

Chi running was developed to provide an alternative to traditional running. Its aim is to make running more natural and free from pain. This is achieved by relieving the stress on the legs. Chi running was conceived on the belief that traditional running is based on power to fuel the runner so he could cover a distance as fast as he can. Chi running is based on the belief that it would be better to focus on efficiency and being relaxed just like in Tai Chi. In CR form takes a prime spot over being conditioned and being fast. This type of running can be especially useful to those who are just starting out in running since it can save their legs from too much stress, as well as to those who are engaged in long distance running. Just as in Tai Chi or in Yoga one has to be aware of all the movements done by the body in CR. No movement should be made without being fully conscious of it.

There are runners who suffered some form of injury who claim that their condition was greatly improved when they tried Chi Running. If you want to try out this form of running to discover the benefits that it has for you then you can try using the specialized shoes that has been developed to make this form of running a lot easier to take up. So far the best Chi running shoes that I have seen are the ones from New Balance. Let’s take a closer look why.

The 800 Chi Running Shoes New balance- It is not surprising that a New Balance would be the top one for Chi running. The man who developed this form of running made a partnership with the company to design and manufacture a shoe that is especially suited for those who are practicing Chi running. The 800 is the first footwear that has been developed and marketed by a major sports shoe manufacturer to cater to those who are trying to learn the technique of running using the mid foot strike, which is the one used in Chi running.

It retains the high quality that you can expect from any footwear that you get from New Balance. It has superior shock absorption and cushioning quality that provides a lot of comfort for anyone who uses it. It has a strike zone that utilizes carbon fiber components, a synthetic upper mesh that ensures your feet will be able to breathe and that the shoe will still provide proper protection. Go ahead and develop your Chi running with the proper footwear and the New Balance 800 is it.

There are variations to the 800 like the WR800SP which is an amazing spike style footwear that will highlight your performance like no other. The MR800MF on the other hand is built for comfort more than performance so you know that your feet will never feel wear out when wearing this shoe. Yo can check online shopping sites to find out the prices at which they are offering these fantastic footwears.