Some of the Best Affordable Running Shoes

Running is the best exercise because it is so simple and anyone can do it without having to don any special gear. But for best results and to make it a little more comfortable it would be best to use a running shoe when engaged in this type of activity. It will ensure that the feet will be protected from the usual shocks and impact that one has to endure when running. Specialized shoes for this type of activity can be quite expensive and might be an added strain on a budget that is already tight. You do not have to worry though if you would like to get the best affordable running shoes we have made a list here of some of the best that you can check out.

A study conducted some years ago has proven that low cost running shoes offer the same level of comfort and cushioning as more expensive brands. This means that you can get the same thing between the really expensive shoes and the cheap ones. You need not worry therefore that you are getting something less when you buy something more affordable. What you need to look for in a running shoe is something that will be durable and will last for some time, lightweight as it need not be a burden when you are running, and well cushioned so your feet will not feel punished afterwards.

It would help to go for the top brands when it comes to running shoes. Although they have well known shoes that are quite expensive they also have lines that are more affordable. Remember the study about the features of expensive and cheap running shoes? You are getting the same thing so you need not worry about that.

1. Asics Gel- This shoe is highly regarded but it only costs a little over $75.00. That’s a real bargain for running shoe that can perform like it.

2. Mizuno Wave Nexus- Mizuno is known for making some high quality shoes for runners. The wave is a stability shoe that you can get for no more than $85.00.

3. Saucony ProGrid Jazz- This shoe was designed for neutral runners and the best thing about it is that you can get it for the lowest price of $65.00.

4. Puma Complete Vectana- This stability shoe is perfect for running long distances as it provides great comfort and support. You can get this shoe for about $80.00. The biggest drawback with it as some users have pointed out is that it is not very lightweight when compared with other running shoes in its class. For its price however its a really good deal.

5. Nike Air Pegasus- You wouldn’t expect to find a Nike in this list but the Pegasus lives up to the reputation of its brand for making high quality footwear. You can get the Pegasus for about $80.00.

These are just some of the best running shoes that you can get for affordable prices. There are more from other brands but it would be safer to just stick with these models as these are the ones that you can trust the most when it comes to running shoes.