The Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

Running is one of the best exercise ever. It can burn off a lot of calories and make our bodies flexible and strong. But what happens when our bodies grow old and knees start to give in? Do we have to give up running forever? Fortunately that should not be the case. With the help of some specialized gear you could keep on running even though you might be suffering from knees that are going bad already. Running naturally places a lot of stress on the knees. A great percentage of the impact generated with the feet hitting the ground is transferred directly on to the legs and knees. With the help of proper cushioning and shock absorption this problem can be avoided. Here are some of the best running shoes for bad knees that are out in the market today:

1.Asics Gel 1150- Asics is known for making shoes that are well cushioned. It is not surprising therefore that they would make a shoe that is very appropriate for runners who have trouble with their legs or knees. The secret behind the 1150 is the multiple layers of foam padding that makes a great cushion when you are running. It has a large space in the toe area that lets your toes have more freedom of movement more than any other footwear.

2. Etonic Minado 3 MC- This is a motion controlled shoe which means it is a little heavy yet very flexible allowing your feet a great amount of freedom when it comes to movement. They are designed to prevent the worsening of the condition of those with bad knees.

3. Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9- This is another motion controlled shoe. This one though has a very tough arch support that prevents heel injury. This shoe is available in gender specific models so it can focus more on the unique qualities of men’s and women’s feet.

4. Asics Gel Kayano- Asics shoes really scores high when it comes to cushioning. It is not surprising therefore that you find more than one Asics shoe in this list. The Kayano can provide you with a really comfortable time when running because of the excellent way that it has been padded.

5. Nike Zoom Vomero- Using the specially designed and developed Zoom air cushioning technology Nike has scored over its competitors once again. It uses a small bag of air that has been pressurized that absorbs a great part of the impact when you start running. Each time that you take a step whether you are running or you are walking your feet will just bounce right back.

If you are already suffering from a bad knee it would really be worth it for you to invest on a shoe that will help from letting your case to degenerate any further. In the long run you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble and money if you are able to prevent your knees from going to a worse condition. Try out any of these footwear and you can feel the improvement.