Negative Ion Bracelets: A True Sports Enhancer!

Several scientists and critics have been skeptic about the use of negative ion bracelets over the past few years, claiming that there are no real effects to wearers. However, athletes themselves, including a few notable NBA players like Shaquille O’Neal, have made the wearing of negative ion bands incredibly popular. They say that these bracelets give them a boost of power and extra balance when they wear them. It even reduces stress levels to a minimum.

The secret for some brands lies within the hologram technology within the negative ion bracelet, which are designed to work with your body’s natural energy field. Studies show that these holograms actually mimic the ancient techniques of the eastern philosophers in yoga, acupuncture and meditation. Thus, it creates a sort of harmony within yourself and a feeling of concord with the environment. This is why wearing them during sports events make you feel more in control of your body, and making it possible for you to push yourself even harder, without of course, having to injure yourself in the process.

Additionally, the ion bracelets can also improve your flexibility; give you better balance (especially great for runners and gymnasts), allows longer muscle stamina (for body builders) and increases your overall core strength. The hologram technology that some makers use interacts with your body in a way that energy flow would be constant and improved. Given that it’s manufactured with 100% surgical grade silicone, which makes it safe and practically easy to use. It is also very comfortable to wear, since it stretches and adapts to the size of your wrists.

These LifeStrength energy bracelets aren’t limited to athletes only. Many actors and actresses choose to wear these on to improve their chances of fighting off stress. This means that even ordinary people in their workplaces can use these to increase work efficiency.

Note though that these ion bracelets will not allow you to run faster, train harder and maybe shoot more hoops. It will definitely, however, help you get the best out of your form, balance, strength and flexibility – thus making you an overall better athlete. Trainers, of course, would normally say that this piece of equipment must not be relied upon all the time, but act as a supplement to your overall performance. It is worth the try, especially if you’re gunning for the top place at the foot races, becoming the best scoring player in a ball game or simply wanting to perform the best that you can be at your workplace or in your life.