Why You Need Good Tennis Shoes If You Want To Play Decent Tennis

Have you ever had to experience playing tennis in a bad pair of shoes that just didn’t cut it?  Let me save you from some pain and possibly even a serious injury.  Normal sneakers just aren’t suited for the rigors of a tennis court.  You need to have good tennis shoes if you plan on playing any serious amount of tennis regularly.  There a couple different attributes to tennis shoes that set them apart and make them a must for the tennis court.

A Shoe’s Out Sole and Mid Sole

For tennis players a good out sole is what will keep you from slipping all over the court and pulling muscles.  The out sole of a tennis shoe has a certain gripping pattern that will give you exactly the traction you need to plant yourself for tough shots.  Sliding around a court can be a dangerous venture and it’s easy to get caught up in a competitive match.  Having a strong grip on the court is important, but the out sole will also provide the longevity that you absolutely need in a tennis shoe.  The court is like a layer of sand paper and will grind your normal shoes into oblivion, only having a good out sole will stop this from happening.

The mid sole is above the out sole in the middle of the shoe.  This is where comfort and shock absorption will come into play.  As you run on the court your feet take quite a pounding.  Good shoes will help shield you from that pounding and provide support to your arch as well.  The shoes can do this by using different gel or air technologies to absorb the shock.  Tennis doesn’t have to be a painful experience if we choose the right equipment.

The Toecap

The two places that a tennis players shoe is sure to wear out quickly is the out sole and the toe.  Toe dragging seems to be a bad habit that is notoriously passed down to many tennis players.  Dragging the toe on the court will cause the front of the shoe to take a lot of the pressure and it just won’t last.  Tennis shoes have solved this problem by using special material in the toe to create the “toecap”.  The toecap covers the toe area with an extra tough material that can handle all the abuse the court will throw at it.

The Look

When you stroll out onto the tennis court in a new pair of tennis shoes it can strike fear into the heart of your opposition.  Wearing good tennis shoes shows that you’ve done your homework and are ready to start class when you step out on the court–teaching your opponent a lesson he won’t soon forget.  Pick a style of shoe that you like because tennis shoes will last a recreational player a very long time.  Some models will even come with a durability guarantee where the company will replace your shoes for free if you wear them out within a certain time period.

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