10 of the Best Suggestions for Good Running Songs

I consider running to be the best exercise ever. It is so simple that anyone can start doing it right away. One does not need any specialized training or instruction in order to engage in running. When it comes to equipment it is totally up to the person if he will get specialized running gear or not. You can start running without anything special, hell, I’ve run in bare feet, though not naked 😉

In fact some recent research have shown that runners perform better when they are barefoot than when they are wearing running footwear. I don’t go for those expensive running shoes myself. They might have some benefits but I just prefer to use something simple and lightweight. For me the biggest help that I can get for my running needs is to have a good set of songs to play when I am out in the field and enjoying a good stretch of countryside.

Good running songs can help me to relax my mind and focus on the running. Here are some of the best running songs of all time:

1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor: No one will disagree with this one. If there has ever been a song that can pump up the adrenaline this is it. Makes you want to run all day long.

2. Clocks- Coldplay: The words of this song have no connection whatsoever with running but the beat and the feeling that it gives is certainly a good way of stimulating your running mood.

3. Where the Streets Have No Name- U2: This song from Bono and the rest of the guys has that edge to it that makes you want to get up and go.

4. Reason to Believe- Dashboard Confessional: If you want a song that can inspire you just when you are about to give up from running then this is the perfect one to play to get that extra mile out of your run.

5. Can’t Stop- Red Hot Chili Peppers: This is an excellent song to start up your pace. When you feel like you are starting to slow down this is the one that you ought to play.

6. Another One Bites the Dust- Queen: This song’s beat is perfect for runners. Just imagine you’re running in the countryside with a cool sweet breeze blowing in your face while you are listening to this song.

7. Highway to Hell- AC-DC: Though you might not want to have the same destination as the guy who is singing the song has, this song is perfect at pumping out more adrenaline from your body for your run.

8. No One- Alicia Keys: The soothing voice and perfect singing is just the right thing to relax you when you are on the ground running and in your groove.

9. Everlong- Foo Fighters: This song is perfect no matter what you are doing. This can pump in some additional energy into your body just when you thought that you were about to give up.

10. Welcome to Jungle- Guns and Roses: This is the kind of song that makes you want to run out and do something exhausting when you hear it no matter what time of the day it is. Perfect for runners.

These 10 suggestions for good running songs should keep you going for at least 6 miles. After that, hit repeat and keep the rhythm pumping for your run. The best running songs are those that will keep you running and eager to get out there to run some more. I think these 10 good running songs should be up there on any runners music list.