A Shortlist of the Best Rated Trail Running Shoe – A Review of the 3 Best for Around $100

Trail running presents certain difficulties that are different from regular types of running. Running on paved streets is relatively easy because the impact on the knees and the legs are not that great, but when you try out trail running the legs and the knees will have to deal with the added challenge of having to cope with uneven and rougher ground.

If you are interested in trying out trail running then you have to pay extra attention to the kind of footwear that you are going to wear for the activity. If in ordinary running you can just wear about any kind of shoe that won’t give you any blisters with trail running things are quite different. In finding the right footwear for trail running one must focus on the kind of terrain that will be covered. One must find out if the trail that he will be running over is rocky or sandy. To help you find the best rated trail running shoe I have compiled a short list of the best shoes for tail running that are available today:

Saucony ProGrid Peregrine

This is a lightweight trail running shoe from Saucony which is one of the leading running shoe manufacturers in the world. This shoe was released early in 2011 and has received numerous awards and recognitions. Many magazines have also picked it as their top choice among trail running shoes. There seems to be few user reviews as of yet but most of those are overwhelmingly positive. The shoe has a very thin sole and that makes a runner feel the ground much more than the regular trail running shoe but that does not mean that it can not provide the right sort of protection. The Saucony ProGrid Peregrine can be bought for about $100.

New Balance Minimus Trail

New Balance has always been known to make some of the best trail running shoes. The Minimus is the latest addition to the long line of great athletic footwear that they have. This is another running shoe that has received its share of praises. It is very light and can give you the closest feeling to running barefoot. It has no midsole but the outsole provides enough grip and protection to keep you running for a long time. You can buy this excellent trail running shoe for about $100 as well.

North Face Single Track

If the trail that you will be covering has some asphalt or concrete roads over it then you might want to consider a cross over trail running shoe that is suitable for both trail and paved road running. This is what the North Face Single Track is all about. It is equipped with enough cushioning power to make the transition from road to trail running and then back again as smooth as possible. Some reviewers recommend that you buy half a size larger than what you normally use because it might be a little too tight when you use it. You can buy the North Face Single Track for about $100 as well.