Lessons From a Long Journey: How Do I Gain Weight With a Fast Metabolism?

As a skinny boy, I have always been fascinated by the world of heavy iron lifting. I grew up in an Israeli family of genetically screwed personae, bascically. Until I was recruited to the Israeli Defensive Forces, I weighted around fifty five kilo grams on a 1.81m frame. Skinny, I know. It was not until I started lifting heavy that I understood the relation between food and exercise. I researched every possible document and scientific literature I could find in order to maximize my return on investment and escape my pre-assumed genetically destiny once and for good.

How Can You Gain Muscle and Weight Then ?

You are probably a skinny ectomorph, if you have reached the article through the search engine. Ectomorphs, you see, have a highly fast metabolism and need to act accordingly. What do I mean by accordingly? We have to consume gazillion more calories than other people in order to achieve the same results. Discouraging? maybe. Possible? Definitely. Worth it? You bet!

You will have to keep in mind two concepts in your bodybuilding efforts:

  • Positive Caloric, Protein and Nutrients Intake
  • Progressive Overload Through Hormonal and Muscular Taxing Exercises

Thee first one is achievable, of course, by eating tons of tons of nutrient dense foods. This can be harder than you think, especially for skinny guys with naturally low appetite. I go against counting calories and other variables. I think it’s sick. Simply eat a ton of healthy foods. If you don’t seem to gain any weight, track your caloric and protein intake for one week and see that you are not overly estimating your intake.

Regarding the second concept. This is exactly why Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Presses and other heavy movements are so popular among both the bodybuilding and powerlifting or weight lifting world. The hormonal responses are so huge, that they cause your whole bdy to grow as a whole. Did you ever see a power lifter? If so, you probably know what I’m talking about.

You have many workout plans to choose from. I mean, effective heavy ones. I’d say it does not really matter which one you choose, as long as it is based around the same concept. Few highly-intense, low-set, low-rep exercises a few times a week. Take a look at Starting Stregnth of Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore, and at HIIT or 5×5. They are all based around the same concept. For example, the Starting Strength is based on three days a week of linear progression, as follows:

A: Squat 3×5, Bench 3×5, Deadlift 1×5

B: Squat 3×5, Military Press 3×5, Power Clean 5×3

You simply alternate between the two and track progress. I have seen many people who tried these methods,  including myself, and I haven’t seen even a single time that they did not increase muscle volume and strength tremendously, given adequate recovery and nutrition. They simply work. Try one of them and thank me later. Oh, and eat, eat more, and then some more. That is exactly how you gain weight fast as a skinny guy and build muscle.

I am Regev Elya of FreshBeetle.Com. If you’d like to read some more nutritional and fitness gems, feel free to drop by and give us a read or two!