Charlie Horse Causes and Means of Prevention

Just about everyone has experienced some sort of muscle cramp or charlie horse at some point in their lives. Those over the age of 55 are very likely to experience leg cramps at night at some point, and it’s even common for teenagers to suffer from a charlie horse unexpectedly while playing sports or similar physical activity. Thousands of doctors, neurologists and all types of scientists have done quite a bit of research into muscle cramping, but we have been unable to determine the exact cause or fully understand the occurrence as of yet. Still, much has been learned and there are quite a few things that can be done in terms of preventing muscle cramps or charlie horses including various changes that you can make to your lifestyle and a few preventative remedies, as well as certain techniques or methods that can be applied during a cramp to help ease the pain and alleviate your muscle from the soreness that is often left behind.

A cramp in a muscle is essentially your brain sending a signal to the particular muscle. Although it is obviously not your choice to do such a painful thing to your own muscle, scientists know that it is somehow connected to the natural functions of our body. Many athletes and professionals on the subject believe that it is part of your bodies natural defense system – kind of a way of telling you to take it easy or improve your health. Since this is currently one of the most agreed upon conclusions, it only makes sense to first take a look at your current health and daily habits for clues as to what might be causing these painful leg or muscle contractions.

Your diet may be behind the painful cramping. If you regularly eat salty foods or consume alcoholic drinks, it may be that your body and muscles are dehydrated too often and are cramping uncontrollably because of this. Failing to include all of your essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet may also be what’s causing these charlie horses, and magnesium and potassium have been found to be particularly important in the prevention of cramps.

Exercise is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to uncontrollable muscle contractions, spasms or cramps: you can experience one while pushing your muscles too hard during physical activity, but unexpected cramping can also occur to those who hardly exercise at all. If you push any single one of your skeletal muscles too hard during any sports event or particular exercise, the muscle spasm that occurs will likely leave you entirely incapacitated and sore for the weeks following, and this can be a serious problem if you play sports or engage in any sort of competitions or events regularly.

Once you have done all that you can do in terms of diet, exercise and lifestyle, resulting to prescription drugs or painkillers will very likely be a bad idea unless specifically advised by a doctor with good reason. Caleb Treeze Organic Farms’ Amish remedy for charlie horses and muscle cramping of all sorts can not only help to stop the pain quick, it is also regularly used by various athletes and sufferers of cramping to prevent the cramps from occurring for the next 24 hours. This is the most effective natural and organic remedy that is currently available, and has recently been made available for purchase over the internet.