Long Distance Running Tips and Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

The attraction of completing a marathon draws thousands of runners each year to the various events that are held across the country. The sense of accomplishment, not to mention the bragging rights that one can get from finishing a marathon race is incomparable to any other physical achievement. The bragging rights that you can get however come with a steep price. Finishing a marathon is not an easy task. You need to prepare for it properly and training for a marathon has to start months away from the actual race. Training takes an even greater in importance for someone who is about to run their first race. There are many marathon training schedule for beginners but you have to pick the one that can be a perfect match for your running needs. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you are about to run your first marathon:

Find Your Goal- Find out what it is that motivates you to join a marathon race. Do you just want to finish the race? Do you want to shed a few pounds in the process? You need to keep those goals in mind while you are training and running the races.

Gear- You need the right kind of gear when you start training for a marathon. The most important piece of equipment that you can get is the right running shoe. Make sure that the footwear that you pick was specially designed for long distance running. That kind of footwear can absorb shocks and impacts from running a lot better than ordinary shoes.

Training Program- There are many training programs for marathon runners and you need to pick the right one that can provide for your needs as a runner.

The Long Run- Whatever marathon training program that you use the long run is going to be the cornerstone. Your body must become used to the difficulty of running for hours and long runs can prepare it for that. During your training it is generally agreed by experts that you should only extend the distance of your runs by no more than a mile for every week that you train. However there is some disagreement as to whether you should try to reach the 26.2 mile distance of a full marathon or not. Just follow the instruction of your training program in regards with this.

Cross Training- Training for a marathon does not only involve running the whole time. A good marathon training schedule for beginners should have some time devoted to some other sport for the purpose of cross training. At least one day per week should be devoted to cross training.

Rest- Resting is also an important component of a good training schedule for marathon runners. It is while the body is resting that it develops and adapts to the workout that you did. Make sure that you devote a full day for each week to resting and make sure that you do not do any form of exercise on that day.