Is Running More Effective Than Walking for Your Fitness

So you finally decided to go for it. You have finally made the decision to get into better fitness, and leave your old, unfit self behind. It has been a much delayed decision in your opinion, and of course there is no one to blame but yourself, and you are well aware of that. So you want to choose an exercise or work out program that would bet you into better shape in no time at all. That might be a stretch, so you need to look for a simple and yet effective exercise. It would be your best bet. The important thing is to get the results that you want.

Getting the best results is not always that easy, that’s one thing that we should keep in mind. But the most important thing is to do what’s good for ourselves, especially when it comes to health and fitness. So you are deciding about the best exercise, and you thought that aerobic exercises would be the best ones to start off with. But the question is still the same, which exercise to start off with? You have a couple of obvious choices before you, and that is walking and running. You can actually do both, but it would be best to just choose one that you would devote most of your time and effort to. So it would be best to look and then analyze the arguments for and against each one.

Running vs. Walking: Your Choice

So is running more effective than walking? Do you think that running is more effective than walking for your aerobic exercise program and overall fitness, or o sot the other way around? It is not that simple a question to answer when you really do think about it. Walking has long been accepted as a means to effectively yet simply condition the body and help lose weight. Running, on the other hand, seems to have more impact, and at least that is the impression that most people have.

The Argument for Walking

Walking is a far less stressful exercise than running is, so that’s an obvious advantage right there. Those who have had issues with their knees, legs, ankles, and all that would surely find walking much more enticing than running. There are kinds of shoes that can help in actively reducing the stress and the impact that is exerted on the knees and ankles and all, but the impact would still be there. A moderately paced walk allows the body to burn up to 400 calories an hour. Not bad for an aerobic exercise right there. Even though it has always been highly regarded¸ it is know accepted that it is the least effective aerobic work out. And that brings us to running.

The Argument for Running

The argument for running is that it is more dynamic, and definitely appeals to more active people. And to those who are only choosing and going to working out for the first time, can see that it also present more excitement for them, as the action of running alone seems an exercise that can already result in better fitness. A faster heart rate results in the burning of more calories, which makes it seem as a better alternative to walking as an aerobic work out. Running is able to help burn about 600 calories at least. It also incorporates a part of the body that walking does not, the arms. That alone ensures that you are able to burn more calories, making it more ideal for weight loss.

It can definitely be plainly seen that both walking and running are great aerobic exercises that benefit the fitness and health of any individual that chooses it as his regular exercise or as part of his extensive fitness program. In the end it can probably be argued more convincingly that it is a matter of preference and circumstance.