Weight Lifting for Running: Does It Help?

Running is an incredible exercise. It definitely helps in getting a person become more fit and healthy than before. There is no question about how effective it could be especially when done regularly and with the proper amount of focus and determination. Those who are also required to lose some weight for health considerations will not make a bad decision should they favor running over other exercises or sports. It can certainly help them shed off the unwanted pounds from their body, particularly if paired with a diet program. And I have personally been able to determine how beneficial running can be because I have taken it as my own sport. Mind you, I just don’t run occasionally, I actually do it as often as I can, sometimes up to six times a week, but mostly five days out of the week I do some running. That’s how serious I have become as a runner.

Weights and Running

I have already found out how helpful running can be for my aims in losing weight and improving my level of fitness. What I am trying to find out is what would happen if I combine weight lifting to it. Would there be a dramatic increase in my fitness level and would I become a much stronger and muscular person who is able to run better? Or would it have a completely different effect and I would be set back in my running because lifting weights is actually detrimental to running?

What Elite Athletes Do

According to research, the elite runners don’t really hit the weight room that often. It also seems that the longer distance runners’ lifts weights even less tan those who do shorter distances. So there might be a direct proportion to the amount of weight training that runners can do, with the short distance runners able to lift weights without any ill effects on their running, and the long distance runners, and those who do marathons having very little to do with weights. What is undeniable is the fact that they do a lot other training, like core training, body exercises like push-ups, step-ups, pull-ups, lunges, and many more.

Doing weight lifting for running is not totally lost, though. Research has shown that for running distances that do not exceed 10 minutes, lifting weights would be fine and even provide some advantage. Pumping some iron for those short distances strengthens the muscles and allows the body to be able to perform better during those runs. So it would probably be best for runners to simply do moderate weight training and not put too much focus on it. There are other training techniques that are more compatible with running, like core training and body weight exercises.