So Can Running Shoes be used for Tennis?

Running is an excellent form of exercise. I think that everyone would agree with me on that statement, particularly those who actually run to keep themselves fit and healthy. I myself have been running regularly for the past couple of years and I can personally attest to how effective it is in helping me become stronger, more flexible, and in keeping my weight down. If at first I was a little reluctant to try it and even do it on a regular basis, these days I make sure that I am able to run as often as possible. To say that I am actually hooked on running is already an understatement at this point.

I attribute some of my more recent success in having running as my exercise is due to the high quality of my running shoes. That has been the difference for me in the last year, when the quality of my running shoes improved considerably. I have to admit that in the beginning I was a little reluctant to get the top running shoes, because I was concerned of its price. But then I tried the more well known brands that have a reputation for being among the very best, and I must say that it really helped me improve a lot. But now I am wondering, since my running shoes really feel great when I run, if I could also use those shoes for other sports. So can running shoes be used for tennis or other sports?

Running Shoes Equals Tennis Shoes?

I have been giving this plenty of thought lately. Since I have quite a number of pairs of running shoes, I have been thinking if I could actually use it to play tennis. I’m very new to the sport of tennis and I’ll start having my own personal lessons about the game next week, so I am really bent on getting shoes for it now. But I’m thinking, if I could use some of my running shoes for it then why not. The shoes that I use for running have proven to be very durable, and each pair is so comfortable that I can easily see myself playing tennis in it.

What happened was, I did some research of my own and I also asked around. What I learned was that it might not be advisable to use running shoes to play tennis. If I had a choice and the means to buy a separate pair of shoes that are specifically designed for each sport. Running shoes, after all, do not have the design needed to endure all the side to side movement that tennis players need to do. On the other hand, tennis shoes seem a little bulkier than running shoes, making it a little more uncomfortable to use for running. If there was anything I learned, it was that I have to get a specific shoe for each sport, to make sure that the shoes would help me instead of giving me some unnecessary problems.