My Personal Playlist for Running a 5k

Running has always been fun for me. I believe that it has been the secret on why I have never lost my appetite and enthusiasm for it. Not only is it fun, but I also get to do one of the best workouts there are, and I am able to push my level of fitness and health to higher and better levels than ever before. When I look back now, I can definitely say that I was right all along in choosing running as my primary sport and fitness regimen. I simply can’t imagine achieving as much and gaining as much benefits if I had chosen a totally different sport. With running, I can totally see myself enjoying and having fun with it for years to come.

One of the things that have helped me enjoy running even more is music. Listening to great and appropriate music while I run certainly motivate me to do better and I get some great boost of energy from it. I’m definitely more pumped up because of the music and my energy levels go up a couple of notches I think. And when I am at a point in my run where I am finally feeling some fatigue, some great running music helps me in getting a second wind. When I am competing in a race, as I do from time to time, it is certainly better if some music is playing to help me get in the mood for competition and starts my competitive juices flowing. I’ve run some 5k and 10k runs so far, but my favorite event is usually the 5k run. Proof of tat is how I have a more extensive playlist for running a 5k than I do for other races.

My 5k Playlist

What I do is compile music that I figure would help me out in my runs. What I usually end up with is something that’s really nice and is able to power me through my runs, particularly when I am entered in some racing events. It just makes the whole experience of running and being in a competition so much more fun. Here are a few of my favorites:

• Crazy in Love (Beyonce and Jay-Z) – This tune definitely plays over and over in your head, once get started with it. Not only does it make its mark, it also provides great energy and motivation to boost your performance.

• Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) – A definite classic, but one that never fails to get me going every time I hear it. I’m sure it has the same effect on others who listen to it, not only today but also runners who’ve heard it and used it in similar ways in the past.

• No One (Alicia Keys) – Whether one is warming up for the running event or already cooling down, this tune from Alicia Keys will always be appropriate and effective.

• Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Lovers of punk rock, who also enjoy running are surely delighted in this old song from RHCP. It is edgy and upbeat, which is perfect for accompanying any running event.