The Best Radio for Running

Running consumes most of my free time nowadays. To say that I am a fitness buff is already an inaccurate statement since I am more of a running buff who definitely each runs with each chance that I get. The important thing of course is that I enjoy running tremendously, and it has certainly increased from the very first day that I wore my running shoes and took off. But back then, when I was just starting out, I never really imagined that I would this addicted or dedicated to running and keeping myself fit. In truth I was only looking for an easy way to lose some excess fat without having to hit the gym regularly. What I found was a whole new lifestyle that changed me completely.

I enjoy running immensely, and my enjoyment of it has been helped so much by pairing it would my favorite music. Indeed, I have enjoyed every minute that I run even more. Especially if I am running to the tune of some of my old time favorites, I really get pumped up and I get to improve on my performance because of it. But of course, I am not the only who does it, as running to the tune of their favorite tunes has been done by runners for a long time now. That only goes to show that it is so effective, and that it continues to attract runners.

Runner’s Radios and Music Players

It should be noted however, that before all the fun from music can even start, a runner needs to have a source for the music that he’s going to listen to. That would be any music player of his choice, or a good old radio for some. But of course the radios that are used by runners are nothing like the radios of the past, as these nice choices show. You may pick the radio for running that you like or any of the other music players among the following.

• Sony SRF-M85V S2 Sports Walkman Arm Band Radio – definitely meant for the outdoors, and running in particular, this Sony Armband Walkman is a must have for those who thrive in the outdoors. Runners would certainly be delighted to hear their favorite music from this little radio, while also hearing the latest news at the same time. Sells for about $24.00.

• iPod Nano – Sure, the iPod is not a radio, but as long as it is able to provide the runner with the music that is necessary to motivate him and make his competitive juices flow if he is gearing up for a race or running event, then it should definitely be included. Plus, its huge popularity guarantees that a lot of people are using it, and not just runners. Priced at around $149.00 (8GB) and $199.00 (16GB).
• Slacker G2 personal Radio Player – This gadget is a digital radio that combines a wireless receiver with an MP3, and thus allows runners and other listeners’ access to a ton of new content. Sells for about $199.00 (4GB) and $249.00 (8GB).