Is Running Marathons Bad for You At All

Through running, I was able to make a great discovery. By running as often as I can and learning almost everything about it, I have been able to see that running can be more than just an exercise or sport. Indeed, it can be a lifestyle that is enjoyed throughout one’s life, and alongside other activities and interests. What I found was that it actually works in a manner that progressed, because I started running just to have a simple exercise. It wasn’t really in my plans to make it more than that, but that is exactly what happened next. I enjoyed it so much as a work out that I tried to do it as often as I can, inserting it into whatever free time that I have in my everyday schedule.

Everything just progressed from there, until it became a real lifestyle for me. And at first I was only exercising and working out on my own, but as my interest became greater I started joining short races. Those were just short distances that were not really that difficult, but then again I was challenged to do more. So it somehow got into my head to join a marathon. When I made the decision, I started preparing for it, and ever since I first competed in one, I have already joined quite a few. After experiencing several marathons, I must say that it is a grueling physical undertaking, one that cannot be done without ample and the right preparation. But what I want to know now is this: is running marathons bad for you?

Marathons: Good or Bad

Marathons are pretty tough races. It is a pretty long one, and that’s what marathons are usually known for. It is officially 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers) long, and is usually held as a road race. It has roots in antiquity, actually getting its name from the Battle of Marathon, in ancient Greece. It rose to modern prominence by being included in the first modern Olympics in 1896, although the distance only became standard in 1921. There is no question that it is a popular event, with hundreds of races around the world each year, so that partly explains why even I got hooked on it.

The crucial question that I have these days is whether marathon could actually be bad for me or anyone else that’s running it. Now I understand that it is not a simple matter, I understand that completely, and that is why I want to find out as much as I can. There has actually been some findings that running a marathon, or over 26 miles nonstop, can cause some very minor injury to one’s heart. Of course, it does not really happen to everyone, but I have heard about a few deaths in marathons over the years. Hardly a major cause for alarm, as far as I see, since it was a very few number compared to the multitudes who join marathons each year. I guess the best thing to do is to consult one’s doctor before joining a marathon or any physically taxing sporting event. Making sure that one is trained properly would also go a long way towards making sure that everything would be fine in the end.