Can Running Uphill Increase Your Speed Substantially?

The challenge that running presents motivates me to do my best all the time. Each time I run, it’s like having a chip over my shoulder, trying to push myself more and harder. For every mile that I run, I want to get better the next time, to always move forward and keep on improving. It is an ever present challenge that I am willing and able to face, and one other great thing is that I look forward to it each time, everyday if possible. And that was exactly why I went into running in the first place, to challenge and improve myself physically, and in some respects mentally as well.

While it was all about my competitiveness, the health benefits that I could get from running was also very much on my mind right from the start. And the benefits that I have gotten were quite substantial at that. First, I lost a fair amount of weight, especially when I coupled it with a diet program. Then, I felt stronger and my endurance and stamina also improved considerably. My flexibility and coordination have also become much better than what it used to be, and I can actually say that I feel younger and stronger today than before I started to run. And now I am up for even more challenges in relation to running.

Running Uphill and Its Effects

As I was looking for a new challenge, I turned to running uphill. I have always done on my running on flat surfaces, so this would be a real challenge for me. I’m actually expecting to be physically grueling, which I look forward to. One good question is, can running uphill increase your speed? The research that I did yielded the answer, along with others that actually made me want t o go at it immediately. Here’s what I found out:

• Runners who are training for competition or even those who are simply looking to improve their performance will be delighted to learn that uphill running is for them. It is actually the most physically taxing, and even painful type of running there is. But the benefits are definitely there: you can build much stronger legs, as well as improve your speed and endurance. It also builds up your mental strength, as you must will yourself to reach your goal even when you are up against excruciating pain and unprecedented difficulties.

• Here is a list of the actual benefits from running uphill:
– increased leg strength
– Improved speed and endurance
– Helps prepare the body for speed work
– Helps improve running form
– Excellent preparation for cross country or hill racing