How much do Marathon Runners Get Paid These Days?

Runners are elite athletes themselves. In terms of their conditioning, preparation, and training regimen is concerned, they are right up there among the highest levels of different athletes from different kinds of sports. It might be that in some cases, there is a lack of recognition among the public about how elite the runners are, but that can be directly attributed to the lack of recognition. This inadequate recognition is in turn due to the fact that runners are not as marketed as other athletes in more high profile sports are. You can say that it is a little unfair, bit so far that’s how sports has gone here in the country and all over the world.

The athletes from other sports, particularly those with established professional leagues get a monster’s share of the recognition and the attention. And not only are they more well known, they are also compensated much more, which really matters a lot. How can it not when it means tons of money being earned and lines of different products and companies endorsed by the more popular and recognized athletes. This is as opposed to those who have almost zero public recognition and non-existent mega contracts for endorsements. The runners definitely belong to those who get the shorter end of the bargain as far as finances are concerned. This fact is certainly true for nearly all runners, even for marathon runners.

Runner’s Money

There are different kinds of runners, there are the short distance runners and there are the long distance or marathon runners. It is interesting to note how much these athletes earn, since they require a high degree of training, just like other elite athletes and sportsmen do. So how much do marathon runners get paid exactly? Let’s try to find out even this it may be a little difficult to pin down an exact amount that would true to all runners since they compete in races that award prize money.

Some races pay the winner an amount of $50,000.00, but that is given to those who win the race. Now there are races that award higher rewards for its winners, like the Boston Marathon which gives out $150,000.00, both to its male and female winners. It gives out $1,500.00 to those who finish 15th in the race. A far departure is the prize that is given to the winners of the marathon in Spokane, Washington (Bloomsday Run), which amounts to about $7,000.00 for the winner and $200.00 to the 15th place finisher. This only illustrates the glaring disparity in the prizes that runners get from different races and how irregular it is to join marathons and become a professional runner.