Find out the Truth: Can Running Give You a Headache

Running is one of the more intense sports out there. Indeed, it is pretty intense without seeming to be so, and that is why I like it as a sport and as an exercise that’s part of a much more comprehensive workout program. Not having competed in running before, it was a surprise to see how competitive the runners were, and I have to admit that I misunderstood it at first. It was only after I began competing in a few races myself that I understood how it was to be very competitive in running. You want to succeed, but there is also that part of you that is already because you are participating in your favorite sport and also getting a good workout at the same time.

Away from competing in the races, I also appreciated what running can do for people. Of course right off there’s the weight thing, and you can be sure that it is one of the top reasons why people try to run regularly. And I also love the fact that stamina-wise, you really get to improve through running, as long as you do it on a regular enough basis. Not to mention that I also became more disciplined, as well as patient, ever since I started running. To some the connection might not be as immediately apparent, but it is just a completely new and improved lifestyle that has done wonders for me.

Running and Headaches

On the flip side however, there are also seems to be some negative effects from running. Like, can running give you a headache? Admittedly I am not so familiar with it since I haven’t experienced it myself yet, but I’ve heard about it and it got me thinking about whether it is actually true or not. What got me to really try and find out about it is the thought that it might happen to me and I might not be able to react properly if it finally did. I finally learned that it was all about posture and tension. If the runner has his shoulders and upper back in a very unnatural position while running, then it can lead to headaches. Another thing is that doing exercises like running can indeed cause headaches, and this one is called exertional headaches, and there are several factors like the weather and high altitude. This is not really serious and will disappear on its own after about a few hours or so. Should it keep on recurring however, it would be best to go and see a doctor to find out if there might be other causes for the headache.