Can Running Lower High Blood Pressure Effectively?

I was drawn to running at an early age. Not because I was aware of any of the benefits that I could draw from it, since I was only a kid and couldn’t care less about such things at that point. It was simply because I loved the activity, the freedom afforded by the act of running itself. That was it and nothing more. But as I continued to enjoy running, I also began to take it more seriously. This was when I became interested in running as a sport and not just a game or a fun activity that I could get to enjoy along with my friends. It continued on through my years as a student until running became a major part of my lifestyle.

As I grew older, it also became apparent to me that I made the right decision about running. It was a time when I became more exposed about the effects that running can have on the body, and it was mostly positive. That made me like running even more than usual, since I saw the things that I could derive from it and still have fun from it at the same time. All the good things from running became more and more apparent to me, and I eventually made it a part of a more comprehensive work out program hat I adopted. I also partnered it with a diet plan to make sure that I would be healthier and therefore live a better life.

Running and High Blood Pressure

As I became more aware of the effects of running, I particularly became increasingly interested in its impact on one’s health. One specific health problem that I wanted to look at was high blood pressure, and if running can have some significant impact on it. Can running lower high blood pressure effectively at all? I surely would love to find out since our family has a history of having and dealing with problems concerning high blood pressure.

What I found out was very heartening for me, since I read that those who run daily for at least twenty minutes were proven to have had lower blood pressures for up to seven hours after running. It is indicative of the positive health effect that constant running can have on one’s blood pressure. Running on a regular basis can help keep the arteries more elastic than usual, thus allowing it to have less resistance to increased blood flow. Apparently, from what I have read in researches and studies about running, I have made the right decision regarding the regular exercise that I do.