Is Running in the Morning Good for the Body?

Running is good for the body. The fact of the matter is that running is more than just good, it is actually very good for the body. Those who run regularly find that out early on, which is part of the reason that they stick with it and do it long term. And if you are a person who is looking for a way to improve the state of your health overall, then you definitely can’t go wrong with running. The health benefits are pretty obvious already, the major attraction for everyone to go lace up their running shoes and hit the road, or maybe the treadmill. A surprise for some is how they enjoy the activity and the whole experience, which makes running go beyond the usual work out or exercise.

During my first few months of running myself, I tended to have an irregular schedule. And that’s putting it as nicely as possible, because it was actually quite erratic. I tried to cram short runs with the little time that I had, and I was not getting the results that I wanted. Then I decided that I have to improve my scheduling of my runs to maximize what I can get from running, and when I did it really paid off. Finally, I started getting the results that I expected, losing the amount of weight that I wanted and gaining in strength, endurance and flexibility. I now run regularly in the mornings, doing it for an hour four to five times a week. Many have questioned me though, is running in the morning good?

Morning Runs – Good or Bad?

From the research that I have done personally, it seems the biggest factor that’s involved with morning runs is personal preference. Those who have actually found it difficult or even unhealthy to do running in the morning were simply unaccustomed to getting up early in the morning. If they can’t even wake up at six in the morning to drink their coffee or eat their breakfast, then imagine just how difficult it would be for them to actually perform some physically demanding work outs, like running several miles or so. It might actually be too much to ask their bodies to react positively in such a quick way, and what they probably need to do is to gradually acclimatize their body to the situation. Of course it all depends on their own determination to run in the morning, which not everyone might have. Fortunately for me, I have always been an early riser, so it was a natural thing for me to do. It didn’t really take me too long to establish a nice little routine that I have been able to build upon, and the results definitely speaks for itself. I’m now healthier and stronger, and with a much better lifestyle on top of all that.