Which are the Best Dogs for Running Companion

I am an avid runner and I love doing it alone. I’ve found long ago that I am better able to enjoy my running and also maximize the benefits that I can get from it by running on my own. And don’t think that I haven’t even tried running with some companions, both with just a few friends or with a big group. Running with a group of people is definitely something that I have already tried, and found that each time I do, I am not as satisfied with how I feel during and after the run. That is directly opposed with the exhilaration and excitement that I feel whenever I run several miles on my own. So I’m a solitary runner, and I surely love it, but there’s a little twist to that.

At the same time, I am a lover of animals, particularly dogs. Being an enthusiast of running and of sports and fitness in general, some are actually surprised that I still find the time to take care of my pets. Although dogs are the most numerous of my pets, I also have a couple of cats and some love birds to complete my collection of pets. The truth is that I have been fond of taking care of animals ever since I was a child, which certainly came ahead of the development of my passion for running. These days, I am able to combine my two main interests seamlessly, and manage to always find time for each one. And I especially love the fact that I am able to combine it, particularly with my dogs. If I said I love doing it alone earlier, I meant that with no other person. But with a dog as my running I’m quite fine.

Top Running Dogs

I have about four dogs right now, but I usually take only two of them running, my Labrador retriever and German shepherd. They’ve grown accustomed to it since I have taken them along ever since they were puppies ands they actually love the experience. Anyway here’s a little list of the best dogs for running companion for those who might be a little interested.

• Dogs best suited for long and steady runs, which means going for more than 10 miles – Weimaraners, Goldendoodles, Jack Russell Terriers

• Fastest Runners – Greyhounds, Whippets, Vizslas

• Brisk and Shorter Runs – Beagles, Greyhounds, Pit Bulls

• Slow and long runs – Dalmatians, Labrador Retrievers, Standard poodles

• Running in Cold Weather – Siberian Huskies, Swiss mountain dogs, German Shepherds

• Running in the heat – Fox terriers, Rhodesian ridgebacks