What are the Best Gloves for Running

Running is a most satisfying work out. It presents runners with an absolutely amazing and yet totally enjoyable way of being fit. For those qualities alone, you begin to wonder why not everyone is into running at all. But still, those who actually run are more than happy that they have made the choice to run and not, say, lift some weights regularly in a gym. Of course, that can definitely help, and alternating running with other work outs like weight training can certainly be beneficial. There are many however, who make running their sole work out aside from the stretching that they do before and after they run.

Aside from just plain running, there are also different things that a runner could do or add to his routine to make it even more effective for him. Doing these little things could add so much more to the experience and actually enhance it even more. Some of these things might actually do very little to enhance the running itself, but do a lot in terms of the runner’s mindset and how he views the whole act of running. It might make him love it or simply drive him to do better than what he has done previously, which is already a considerable achievement. These descriptions might be best applied to something like the running gloves that runners use.

Gloves for Running

The running gloves that runners use are definitely useful because it helps in keeping the hands warm during runs. There are gloves that are definitely of high quality, and do much more than just simply warm the hands. And the best running gloves can be counted on to not just do that but also repel the elements and make the runner feel much more comfortable than before. The best thing with the best gloves for running is that it also offers different things like specialized surfaces for wiping sweat and it might also have pockets and finger pads. What follows are a few brands of running gloves that runners might want to use:

• Asics Winter Run Mitt – Asics Winter Run Mitt is perfect for the cold weather, especially since it was made for such conditions. The outer shell is absolutely windproof, and waterproof insulation is provided by the soft fleece liner with polyurethane membrane, and runny noses are taken care of through a terry loop wipe strip and on the forefinger and thumb.

• Brooks HVAC Glove – This running glove from Brooks is not just your typical running glove. With features such as the iPod compatible thumb pad, pockets for cash and keys, gloves finger grips, and magnetic tab.
• Saucony Ulti Mitt – The Saucony Ulti Mitt features an open finger design that can be covered with a mitt that is easily removable whenever the temperature drops, thus providing runners with just the right amount of warmth.