The Best Bag for Running

Running can go beyond being a simple exercise or work out. First, it could be a really competitive sport that anyone who is driven and loves competition and challenges could turn to. And second, it can be some sort of symbol, where the act of running can act as a symbol that the runner is headed for something or someplace much better than where he is currently at. Or it could very seem like the reverse of that, where the runner could symbolically be running from something, which in most cases was a physical condition and lifestyle that is quite far from being ideal. All of these are definitely positive things that running can help offer to those who choose to do it as regularly as possible.

I, for one, chose to run because I saw what I could get from it. If I had never known all the positive things that I could get from lacing up a pair of running shoes and hitting the road or even the treadmill I have at home, then I most likely would have gone for another sport. But it was fortunate that running was there and that I learned so much about it at just the right time. And just like any sport or work out, running also has some accessories that make the experience even more complete and enjoyable. Of course the very first and most important accessory is the running shoe, which is imperative for a great and effective workout. And the accessories surely can’t be counted out.

My Running Bags

Runners also need bags, especially when you are involves in events like trail running and other similar runs. This means that you might have to put some clothes, food, additional accessories and equipment within it. But of course, a bag’s capacity to contain all of those should not be your only concern. You should also try to look for a bag that is tight and doesn’t move or bounce around too much while you are running. The following are excellent choices to get your own bag for running.

• Asics Run backpack – This great bag from Asics can fit in just about anything that you will requite for running in the wilderness. Extra clothes and shoes, food and water supplies, and everything else that you might need can fit right into it. No worries with bounces with its stomach and chest straps, plus the padded shoulder sections guarantee additional support. Too much perspiration is also checked by the partial mesh straps. Get this bag for about $40.00.

• Nike Team Training XL Backpack – A very versatile backpack from Nike, this bag will look good even when you are not running. Its padded back and straps keep pressure off the back, media pocket easily holds an MP3, so being entertained while running is a sure thing. Clothes and shoes that are wet are kept from the other contents of the bag through its pockets. Buy this for about $50.00.