Is Running Up and Down the Stairs Good or Not?

Running is the choice of many. As far as effective exercises and work outs are concerned, running has been the number one choice of many, and they have very good reason to do so. For one, it is not complicated when compared to other major workouts and exercises, as it does not require any complex equipment. And it certainly helps that its very movement is based on a very basic motion for every human being. I mean, who doesn’t know about running and its basic movement. That is definitely one of the biggest reasons why running is gaining even more adherents as the years go by. Lace up your running shoes and then commence running wherever it pleases you, a running track, around the park or even under your roof through your treadmill.

I usually run indoors, with the help of my treadmill. My work is home based, so that makes it all the more easier for me to do my running while within my home. Whenever I am on my breaks from work, all I do is climb my treadmill and I am off and running my way to better fitness. And it has definitely been effective for me, that kind of set up as my weight has been at its ideal level ever since and I have never been stronger and had better endurance as today. It just makes me realize all the more that I made the perfect choice as far as my exercise is concerned.

Stairs and Running

Now I would like to put some variety in the running that I am doing. Even though I have been getting all possible benefits from running, I would still like to find other ways do it. And of course, I just don’t want to do it in another way; I’d like to do so while still deriving all the positives that I’ve gotten used to from it. I would really like to try running up and down the stairs to see if I could something out of it that I wouldn’t be getting anywhere else.

So, is running up and down the stairs good? According to what I have researched and initial results from what I have done points to the fact that indeed, it is good. It is particularly effective for those who are aiming to lose weight, especially if you do at least 60 minutes of it, which is the least amount of time required for effective weight loss. The ideal time for shedding extra weight is actually 60 to 90 minutes. For starters though, it is ideal to run up and down the stairs for at least 20 minutes.