The Best Method for Running

It is good to run. A lot of people know by now that running is one of the best work outs that they could possibly do. Some will even say that it is not just simply good, but is actually among the most ideal form of work outs there is. What people usually love about it is that you no longer have to undergo any specialized training or learn any complicated moves or steps just to be able to do running. It is its relative simplicity that people find so attractive and appealing about it. They find that they no longer need to take too much of their time just learning about what to do when running.

It is no wonder that I chose running myself, and even my family and friends have gotten into it because of my influence. And the great thing about it is that they also found that they enjoy it just as much as I do. Since that is the case, we usually run in groups these days, whether I am with my family or with my closest friends. My enjoyment of running is therefore at an all time high, something that I totally love and appreciate about it. That has also meant that I am able to easily achieve the goals that I have set for myself when I was just starting out.

A Question of Method

A question that is asked very frequently by runners, particularly beginners, deals with the best method for running. This question on method stems from the fear that they might simply waste their time by running and just doing it all in the wrong way. That was the concern that initially had myself, because I was worried that I might be lulled into complacency by the ease that running seems to be done. So I tried to do my homework and did a little research and was able to learn a few things that I adopted for my own running method, which has proved to be effective in helping me lose some weight and also strengthening my lower body, and then also augmented my stamina.

Among my initial concerns was how far I should run and also how fast I should do my runs. What I did was that during the first week I ran for only around fifteen minutes each day, gradually increasing it as the weeks passed by. And then I did it three to four times a week. As for the speed that I had for my runs, I remembered and took to heart what I read that I should be able to carry a conversation and not be out of breath as I ran. In addition, I also learned that I should no longer be stretching before running, as it tended to be more harmful than good. Doing stretches after my runs is then much more desirable as it benefits the runner. Warming up slowly, rather than stretching before running is more preferable for the runner, and that was what I adopted in my own method.