What is the Best Pace for Running to Lose Weight?

Running is great. As a sport as a form of exercise, there is absolutely no denying the fact that running is one of the best. It gives you all kinds of benefits that you expect from one of the top notch work outs available to fitness buffs and those who want to start looking out for their health more. With all the benefits that can be derived from running, it is a wonder that runners can also feel a whole lot of fun and enjoyment while they are running. And when compared to other main forms of work outs, it is way simpler and easier to do. To even say that you still have to learn how to run properly might seem a little strange or even surprising to some, but there is indeed a right way to do it. It is a question of form and the mechanics of accomplishing the run. Once a runner is able to do it correctly, then he could start expecting all the benefits that he could and should get from it.

Getting into running was a very natural thing for me. My concern for my health has always been there, but I was always about a step or two behind when it comes to doing something about it. I was beginning to have some problems with my weight, so I thought that it was time to adopt a regular work out and shed off the few pounds that I managed to add on. When it comes to my physical appearance, I wasn’t as concerned. What I wanted to make sure of was that my health would not start deteriorating prematurely. Of course the physical strength, added endurance, improved flexibility is great and quite welcome for me as well.

Just the Right Pace

As I started with my own personal running program, I faced a few questions. One was finding the right time and creating a schedule that would really for me and allow me to benefit from my running. After I worked that out, my next concern was finding the best pace for running to lose weight. After all, that was the main reason that I began to run in the first place. And if I am going to do it regularly anyway, then I might as well do it the right way. There is no sense in spending a lot of my time running and then not being able to maximize it because my pace is all wrong.

I learned that the best way to find out the best running pace for weight loss is through monitoring the heart rate. If I am able to elevate my heart to where it is at the so-called optimum zone for losing weight can surely help me realize all of my weight loss goals. The important thing is for me to properly determine the right zone for me. Monitoring my heart rate while I am running will help in making sure that I am in the right zone. Elevating the heart rate to the right fat burning zone can be achieved in a few ways. One is maintaining as regular and as steady a pace as possible when running, and another is constant modification of the exercise. This means I can include sprints, hills, and inclines, which is then followed by slower and yet steadier, jogging.